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    Sleep oh where to begin!

    A high carb diet triggered mania for years, but also insomnia to the point it was hard to work out which triggered the other. Spent probably my entire life sleep-deprived and it affects everything and particularly in my case mental health. However, the very low carb diet cured all the mental ill-health and no more mania but sleeping is still very hit and miss. I seem particularly sensitive to stress and when busy and under pressure find sleep harder.

    Things that have helped - very low carb, dark room, ear plugs, eye blind, no computer after 8 pm (and with flux loaded), no caffiene, no eating later than 6pm, less stress, magnesium during the evening.

    The biggest negative is the affect it has on appetite and fat storing - the brain senses tiredness and screams for carbs.
    Seeking the natural way in a modern world ...


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      I used to love a cup of decaf coffee after my meal when we ate out, especially since I don't eat desserts, but so often there is even enough caffeine in the decaf (varies quite a lot--Starbucks as over 20% caffeine in their decaf), or the waiter forgets and gives regular; anyway after staying awake all night a couple nights ago, I decided the coffee has to go unless I make it at home.

      I was a sugarbaby; meaning since I was born I was given lots of sugar, and ate lots of processed foods, especially sweets until I was into my thirties. Most people in the west were/are sugarbabies.

      “How does today’s youngster educate his sense of taste? By submerging it in a sea of sugar from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed.” W. Root and Richard DeRochemont, Eating in America (1976)