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Why is my blood pressure so high?

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  • Why is my blood pressure so high?


    I'm 38, 5'8", 154 lbs and have been low carb/primal for 6 months.
    I started near 170 lbs, and I know weigh less than I can ever remember.
    But why is my BP higher than it's ever been? It used to be around 124/80.

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    Could just be the day. Start tracking it and see if it correlates with any activity, food, stress. I had a Dr. visit the other day and mine was the lowest it has ever been at 124/75. I about fell off the table. Mine was 140/90 for many many years.
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      It's been like this the last few times I've been the doc, including today. And I'm never nervous.
      I've never owned my own machine though, only at the docs. But it's definitely been higher than it used to be.


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        You talked about the diet, but what about physical fitness and sleep? How are those two components?
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          Originally posted by Scotty View Post
          You talked about the diet, but what about physical fitness and sleep? How are those two components?
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            Um, d2mini, I think there are some things which shouldn't be left up to the internet diagnosis team here. We are really good with skin rashes and menstrual cramps but there are some things that should be looked at by a real doc. Blood pressure is one of those.


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              I guess I'm wondering what causes it when diet is good.
              I've always been physically active, cycling or mtn biking 2-3 times a week or working out.
              Sleep is ok.
              Seems like the only thing that has changed lately is my diet. Which wasn't that bad before, just less fat and more carbs than what I eat now.


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                My HBP never responded that much to changes in my diet. Exercise made a difference. Working on my sleep made a difference. I thought I was getting enough rest until I tried the totally dark thing as recommended by Robb Wolf. Sleep improved significantly which had a positive impact on a number of health issues, including HBP. After a few days of sleeping in a not totally dark environment, I start to lose control. Of course this is all under the watchful eye of health care professionals who, while not totally on board with the Paleo thing, are supportive. They explain the test results and the risks, make their recommendations, and I make the decisions.
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                  Substantially Lower Blood Pressure with 1 tsp Potassium Bicarbonate in water daily
                  - University of California Research

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                    d2mini, until you buy your own blood pressure monitor and start taking it yourself at home, I wouldn't make the assumption that it is high, regardless of what the doctor's monitor says. It may not be calibrated correctly. They might be using the wrong size cuff on you--yes, the cuff size does affect the reading. They may be supporting your arm at the wrong height or not supporting it at all. All these things affect the results.

                    Blood pressure monitors are easily obtainable and not very expensive.

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                      Take it from someone that used to have 180/120 bp yours is not that bad. I'm on 2 meds right now and my bp is completely stabilized averaging 125/85.

                      I do get heart thumps, where your heart kinda stops then thuds in your chest. I also get spikes in blood pressure too. Every time I see my cardiologist he tells me I fine and that those things are normal and almost always due to stress. And sleep problems...which is why doctors almost always tell you to get a sleep test done if you have high blood pressure (sleep apnea).

                      Stop by CVS and get a bp monitor. I have an Omron and my doctor says they are really good. Check your bp daily,and if it spikes on a certain day see if there are extra stressors that day or a change in diet.


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                        HBP is diagnosed over the course of a few weeks and with several measurements at different times of day. BP can fluctuate a lot of course and the trend will really diagnose if you have an issue or not. (For what it is worth those electric bp cuffs never read my pressure right at all. They are way off what the old fashion manual cuff reads are by the nurse)

                        Diet and healthy living doesn't fix or prevent all health problems and sometimes even CW docs are needed. This time may be one of them -- good luck.


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                          Increasing potassium could actually help.

                          Also, there is a small subset of people for whom dietary intake of salt will actually impact blood pressure. I would try the potassium and then try lowering sodium a bit.

                          But overall, I agree with Paleobird. Your blood pressure isn't terrible, but something that should be monitored and guided by a physician.
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                            It's all been said, thank goodness!

                            Mine was high, I added potassium and magnesium, and it's normal now. But that doesn't mean it's right for you!
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                              I have what is known as "white coat syndrome". My blood pressure is never low, but it sky rockets when I go to the doc. When I had my colonoscopy, the doc said I was so high he couldn't wait to administer the sedative. I have my own bp cuff. I am always quite low when I take my own bp.

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