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What are your ideas when thinking of taking a break?

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  • What are your ideas when thinking of taking a break?

    I am fed up with the job I am doing right now. It is giving me a lot of pressure. I know that I canít be a quitter. The best thing which I can do now is to take a break from all these for a few days. Probably I would be at ease in mind then. Other than going for a trip, I think I should try something different in order to chill up. That is just the usual stuff right? Going for trips, seeing places. I am now thinking of giving my body and mind a complete rejuvenation. How about acupuncture?Does it sound good? Actually, it is not a treatment taken only for pain relief. I came to know about that a few days before. That was when this thought came to my mind ďWhy not this then?ĒI would like to have your opinion. What are the things that you do when you think of chilling up? I am planning to go to this physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga. Whatís your opinion? Donít hesitate to share your thoughts.
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    In my work experience, I ran into many high level executives who would take multiple mini-vacations/breaks over the course of the year to provide stress relief and time to recharge. These could be quick trips to neat places, or could simply be staying home and relaxing, disconnecting from phone/email/etc.

    By taking their vacation time and judiciously using one or two days around holidays they were able to get plenty of time to recharge. I worked for a major consulting outfit and all the partners I dealt with all did this routinely.

    Longer term, it sounds like you need to do some evaluation on your life goals and current job to see if you are in the right arena. I highly recommend a thoughtful process of doing this, you don't want to decide you're in the wrong job, make a change quickly, and find you are worse off. But, I disagree with your "can't be a quitter" comment, if the current job is truly a bad fit, you will always have problems and there is absolutely nothing wrong in realizing that and moving on to a better situation.
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      As Rig D mentioned, start with a physical disconnect. This include everything from diet to electronic dieting. Get enough good sleep, which means casting an eye on your post-dinner activities and getting them in control. This includes watching your alcohol intake. Please note Rig suggested built-in or scheduled breaks, and catnaps during a lunch break also qualify as stress beaters, as does walking exercise. Try any or all of these suggestions and let us know what works for you. Best wishes.


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        I agree with RigD on your comment of "not being a quitter".

        I had a VERY demanding job that, over the course of 12 years became a major stressor for me. I ran a home daycare and cared for seven kids every single day. Then, in 2013 I saw the need (the actual NEED) to quit but I didn't. Like you, I didn't want to be a "quitter" so I carried on. And, this job worked very well for my family dynamic. I felt I "had to" keep going because our entire lifestyle, and the way my kids knew life, was at risk.

        Then by 2014 I was in huge adrenal fatigue. I didn't realize that was what it was at the time but now I know. I could not regulate emotion. Everything overwhelmed me. I remember once camping and there was a constantly crying kid a few sites away and after listening to him cry for about three hours I literally had a break down and started bawling. The thought of doing laundry overwhelmed me. The thought of just doing one....more...thing...was more than I could bear. I would see a kid fall and hurt themselves and feel zero emotion - that is a HUGE problem as a caregiver!!!

        Finally, when I started getting heart palpitations and my hair started falling out I knew I had taken it too far. I mean, my freaking HAIR was falling out!!!!!!!!

        I quit at the end of 2014. It took me at least a year to get back to semi-normal emotionally and physically and another year after that to become happy and feel good.

        The point is.......if you feel miserable it is affecting you in ways you can not even imagine. Take care of YOU - because no one else will!
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          Time in nature is very therapeutic. I go for a long hike almost every week.

          Time at home alone is also something that seems to balance/settle me.
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            If you arre thinking in trms of omething theraoeutic outside of yourself (your own means) perhaps a scheduled regimen of some type of massage-Swiss or otherwise?