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Can reduced leptin affect children? (cross posted from the nutrition board)

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  • Can reduced leptin affect children? (cross posted from the nutrition board)

    My 7 year old daughter is considered obese. It breaks my heart. She eats Better than 90%+ kids her age, is active (plays softball, and she can't sit still. Meaning she's not a chronic tv watcher/video game player), and is still overweight.

    Last year I had her thyroid tested and everything came back "normal," whatever that means. Totally kicking myself right now for not knowing where I put the results, knowing what I know now, I'm sure I'd have a different perspective on the results.

    A little more background:
    She has always been a loud snorer, had bouts of sleep apnea, which can cause reduced leptin (or so I've heard). She had her tonsils removed in March, and is now sleeping silently. The real kicker is that this girl is ALWAYS hungry. She could eat all day, if I'd let her. Her first thought in the morning is food, as is her last thought at night. We are not an overweight family. I have always been very active, my husband (while not in as good of shape as me, is still in decent shape) and no one (even in our extended family) is significantly overweight.

    Anyway, I guess since increasing my knowledge of leptin reduction over the last few months, I am now looking for more answers. But I'm not sure where to find them. Can she have additional blood tests? How is leptin reduction "cured"?