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How does weight loss occur?

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  • How does weight loss occur?

    Probably dumb questions with 1900 different variables, but it's something I've never understood.

    So pretend you eat great for, say, 2 days, burned calories, and know you will lose weight. When does that "show" in fat loss or on the scale? Or if you eat like total shit for 2 days, know you are at a surplus, when does that show? (I'm using 2 days as just a number - please don't think I think 2 days is how long I've been at this!)

    Part 2 of my question... when does the weight/fat loss occur? During the day? While sleeping? All day? 3pm on Thursday (kiddin)?

    Both are things I've been trying to figure out for about 25 yrs of various stages of food management.


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    It all depends on the person and how his/her body manages the weight loss. For example, sometimes the body will resist loss by filling the empty fat cells with water so that the scale doesn't move down at all even though fat has been lost. Eventually, that water will be dropped, but we can't control that.

    I've lost a great deal of weight recently but because I'm post-menopausal and hypothyroid, it was very slow--averaging one pound a week. Then suddenly, I showed no loss at all for 3 weeks, and then I went down 4 lbs in the 4th week. The same loss for the month as I'd been having, but I have no idea why that loss showed all at once. It happened again the following month, and then I returned to my single pound loss each week.

    What has helped me learn about my body is I weigh only once a week, and I mark that weight on a calendar. This enables me to see the 'patterns' in my loss over time.

    Don't focus on the scale or 'when' the loss happens. I find it's much more productive to focus on eating according to my plan, and checking on what the effect is on a weekly basis.


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      Hi Emmie,

      Thank you for your response. I sometimes lose like that too.... nothing and then a 2lb move. And because my body is awesome I'll have a random 2lb gain. I've been working for 20 months and have lost only 13 lbs, so I don't have a "pattern" of loss! I don't use the scale as my focus because I've built some muscles in that time.

      I guess I'm just looking for the "science" behind the loss of fat. It is something I've wondered about for a long time and just can't find an answer.


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        Ooh! I get to post this link twice in one day: Whole Health Source: The Body Fat Setpoint
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