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    So Easter if finally over and I was thinking about a Lent Recap.

    I personally worked to eliminate swear words and snarky comments from my lexicon. Honestly, i think I did pretty well. I found myselft going for deeper vocabulary to express myself. ( Fun but hard). The snarky comments was a bit more interesting. The bad was that giving someone my line of "i gave up snarky comments for lent" was sometimes the snakry comment by itself. but in general, it made people (including me) stop and consider did we really want to continue down that discussion path?

    So my new favorite segway comments to move on are . . .

    So, how about that. . .

    Gee, can't really speak to that. . .

    Hmmm, so how is that working for you . . .

    Oh, that's nice . . .
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