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Primal workout Disney style

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  • Primal workout Disney style

    Step 1: Obtain a 4 day pass to Disney parks. Check weather to be sure average temperature will be above 90 all week.

    Step 2: Obtain a 1 year old, approximately 21 pounds. Include stroller.

    Step 3: Carry child around Disney parks for four days, while pushing stroller. You do this because naturally the child will not want to be in said stroller. Make sure to hold child while squatting under ropes, climb stairs, nurse while standing in line. Additional points for the management of overheated, wriggling, struggling child while standing in line.

    All I can say is, my pants are much looser after this adventure!

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    You needed one of these: Ergo baby carrier

    I will say it could be worse, your 1 year old could weigh 28 lbs like mine does! We went to a Renaissance faire on Saturday, and I wore my son on my back in a carrier similar to the one above, and still got a great workout in, but without the complete exhaustion of carrying him in arms. It definitely doesn't help the heat issue though!

    Hope you still had fun even with the adventuresome aspects of the trip!


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      Did you also gnaw on one of their turkey legs?


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        Alas, no, I didn't get a turkey leg at the ren faire. Instead I got a pickle, buffalo jerky, and some sweet potato fries, which were totally worth a 20% splurge!


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          I thought this was going to be about dancing to Zippity-Doo-Dah.


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            I second the Ergo- I don't k now how much my baby weighs (likely somewhere around 16-20 lbs), and it's the only way I can comfortably carry her anymore.

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              Originally posted by dragonmamma View Post
              I thought this was going to be about dancing to Zippity-Doo-Dah.
              I thought it'd have something to do with Tarzan