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Help me get DH in crossfit-ready shape in 3 months (gaining weight/muscle)

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  • Help me get DH in crossfit-ready shape in 3 months (gaining weight/muscle)

    My DH is in the process of a Police Department application, it has been his dream for years and he's finally making it through several steps. He has passed the Physical Agility test, and is in decent shape, but he is very thin, and would like to build some lean muscle.

    Those of you who have been thin and built muscle, can you provide me with an example of your daily food intake and workout schedule?

    He isn't exactly Primal, but it's mostly because I can't figure out what to send with him to work besides sandwiches. He works security and has to eat while driving/sitting in the car, so steak and potatoes don't work, and he had complaints about soup in a thermos when I tried that (said it smelled up the car and got him in trouble). He works 12 hour shifts.
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    Do an archive search on Rivven and Sandwich. Rivven did a thread showing how to make almond bread by the slice in the microwave. I tried it and it really does stand up to being made into sandwiches. For those of us trying to lose weight, this is only an occasional treat but it could be a lunch staple for your hubby.


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      Just cook him big (big!) steaks every night, follow up every meal with a huge glass of whole milk, and lift heavy. That's how it's done, that's how it's been done for many decades.
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        after workouts, my husband (who is a similar body type) includes a sweet potato. he mostly eats meat, veggies, some fruit, and fat -- but adds starch on his work-out days. The sweet potato really does the trick for him.