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Converting Office Desk to Standing Desk.....ideas????

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  • Converting Office Desk to Standing Desk.....ideas????

    I have an office job and have hit the wall on being able to sit all day, every day for countless hours on end. I'm looking to convert the office desk I have into a standing one. Any thoughts? I have an office and the desk is an L shape. I work for a service provider, so have to have something look decent, can't just have a bunch of things stacked up. I've googled a few different things, but haven't found much. More results on already constructed standing desks....


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    do you have any shelves that would hold your monitor up above your head?


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      Originally posted by croí View Post
      do you have any shelves that would hold your monitor up above your head?
      Not really. The only "shelving" I have are a couple "cabinets" a bit above my head. I'm thinking that there has to be something to throw on top of the desk to elevate everything. I just need something big enough to hold a laptop, second monitor and a notepad for all of my doodling....I mean...note taking


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        WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstation - The Uprising: Just Stand!

        This is what my hospital administration plans to get for me when the new fiscal year rolls around.

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          Here's what I did for my temporary, let's-see-if-this-is-really-going-to-work standing desk. I took one section of a shelf I already had (Sterilite shelf), and set that on top of my desk pushed all the way to the back. My monitors sit here. Then I took one of these cheapie shelves from my pantry and set it partially between the legs of the Sterilite shelf, but further forward on the desk. This shelf holds my keyboard and mouse.

          I'm not sure if that would meet your aesthetic requirement, but for me it was a no-brainer because I already had the shelves. If you had to buy both of them new it would cost you about $45.


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            I have my desk on my treadmill at home. So much nicer than just standing. Aesthetically...welll no.
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              Big L, I think the second link you threw in might be what I'm looking for. Thanks. I just need to head down to Ikea, Home Depot or that damn organizer store (wife loves that place...I hate it....they make you feel like you need so much extra crap) and walk around to get some ideas. I was just lacking some motivation this morning and was looking online.

              Thanks for the ideas. And yeah runnergal...I envy the treadmill working stations. I would love to have one...but not at my current office. A simple change is hard enough for them...I'm not going to put them into coronary arrest.....though today is "cake day" at the they're getting there.


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                The husband put his standing work desk together from modular wire shelves he bought at Storables. They had all kinds of different ones including a pull-out keyboard tray. At home we have a bar (which we bought in the patio furniture section) - which works wonderfully! It's wrought iron and tile - very rustic and italian-looking. The bar was a lot more expensive, but does look very nice.

                So much better to have combination of sitting/standing than just sitting!


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                  I used a couple milk crates and a board.
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                    Pottery Barn has a nice craft table that's great for standing... I alternate btwn Standing sitting
                    Bedford Project Table Set | Pottery Barn

                    I got this the last time I worked from home...very astheticlly pleasing... another thought would be get a drafting table... that's what dh uses at work...
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                      That sit stand looks pretty cool. For me I would need a dual screen setup, with trays for a full size keyboard, 6x8" wacom intuos 3 tablet, and a mouse pad that can adjust.
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                        We just did this with my desk at work last week. (And I'm LOVING it!)

                        We cut wood braces that raised the whole desk up 12" - the desk body rests on the braces, and the desk legs are bolted to them. Other than it being bare wood, it looks really great, and if I wanted, I could paint them and it would look very professional. If this sounds at all like a way you might want to go, I can post a pic.
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                          Post a pic. Use an image host though so since marks image upload is slow.
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                            How are you guys finding this arrangement? I only have limited experience standing in place for long periods of time, most notably: 12 hr wait before a DMB concert (shut up, good seats bro!) and 3 days worth of Maryland Death Fest (a metal event, 12-13 hr days) I attended this concert twice.

                            None have been pleasant. My feet killed each and every time, and I was wearing more “comfortable” (read: padded) sneakers than the shoes I wear to work.

                            I can’t imagine standing at work everyday, surely at first there’s discomfort? I get to walk around every now and then, and I’m aware of the danger of sitting so damn much, but still, standing (in place) 40hrs a week, that’s a good thing?
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                              I hated standing for 8 hours a day when I was a dishwasher at Panera Bread close a to decade ago. Always would come home worn out.
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