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BBC sites study showing Keto diet REVERSES diabetic kidney damage.

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  • BBC sites study showing Keto diet REVERSES diabetic kidney damage.

    Not just controls or manages but reverses the damage.
    Of course there were a few snarky comment like just because it works in mice doesn't mean we can recommend it for people until there has been further study. And the one about doubting if human could "sustain" such a diet. Hah! Got a bunch of primal folks over here who are living proof that is is sustainable.

    I just found it heartening that this kind of research is getting mainstream enough to get this kind of coverage.

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      OOOP sorry. I though I had posted it.

      Take two :

      BBC News - Diet 'can reverse kidney failure' in mice with diabetes


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        Well I don't think we do know for certain without a real trial, but I'm not seeing the downside for diabetics trying it. We already know it will help their blood sugar and it seems there's enough evidence that it is not a risky diet. It's not like they're being told to eat nothing but bananas or anything so crazy and untested as that. The dispute is about whether or not there is another benefit on top of the existing ones. The worst that happens is they have better blood glucose levels but no particular kidney benefit.
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          My uncle died of renal failure and as the doctors "managed" his condition, he was told that fat and protein were the demons to be avoided at all cost if he wanted to live. Hopefully this study and further human study will open some medical eyes.


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            Physicians used to prescribe high-dose iodine for anything that they couldn't solve, and it was pretty effective. I think in a couple of decades they might prescribe bacon.
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              My cousins both have polycystic kidney disease, one having had a transplant as a younger teenager. I will be very pleased to pass on this link to the family for their information. Thanks Paleobird :-)
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                hey everyone, my dad has just been diagnosed with diabetes related renal disease, can anyone tell me if they have tried out the primal diet and if it did help in preventing renal failure?