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How did you discover primal/paleo eating?

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  • How did you discover primal/paleo eating?

    How did you find out about the primal or paleo way of eating/living?

    I recently read a thread that discussed the fact that most people resist the idea if you tell them about it, so how does anyone fall into it?!

    It was recommended to me by my Dad's friend who is a personal trainer and I scoffed at the idea of ditching grains until I read The PB and now I love it.

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    I was coming off of Medifast (a low carb, low calorie diet, low gluten) and knew that I felt better than ever. I have always suffered from gastro issues but no doctor ever suggested it might be gluten. I also have an autoimmune disease (caused my hypothyroidism and premature ovarian failure) but again no doctor ever suggested it might be gluten. So, after I was done with Medifast I knew I couldn't go back to eating SAD so I started doing a ton of reading. I think it was a link on a Jimmy Moore or Atkins forum that got me here.


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      I had heard of the Atkins diet when I was in high school (and was briefly forced onto it as a crash diet), but I think I discovered the low-carb community and paleo/primal blogosphere back in spring 2009 after doing some internet searches or possibly being linked by a completely unrelated blog I was reading at the time, maybe also while doing research on PCOS and insulin resistance?... I wish I could remember! But it was through the internet, not through anyone I knew in real life (they were too busy trying to put me on crash diets like the pomegranate juice cleanse )


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        Researching for alternatives to get some relief from chronic asthma/allergies I came across a site that said my issue was from a systemic inflammation response and grain free eating would reduce the inflammation and decrease my symptoms. Low and behold 4-6wks later I could fell the difference in my breathing, and 5months in my lung function has never been this good!


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          I kept seeing a thread on another forum that was a "MDA support thread" or something like that. One day my curiosity got the best of me and I opened the thread to see what it was about, clicked the link to this site, and that was that. I found it made too much sense, I had to try it, since I had been looking for a way to improve my energy, sleep & overall health anyway. I wasn't in it for weight loss, though effortlessly shedding the last 15lbs or so of pregnancy weight was a nice bonus.


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            Told a buddy of mine last August that I was looking to get in decent shape and he talked about the Primal Blueprint very generally. I was down. Checked out MDA and ordered the book after an hour or so of reading various blog posts.
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              My doc put me on VLC (Specifically he said do South Beach phase 1 for the long term) as part of sorting out hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and CFS. He's not too firm on how to stay VLC, so I was reading about other approaches and ran across Paleo, and then this site so I bought the PB book.

              I like Mark's work and the site because it works, it's flexible, and it appeals to both dieters and active people wishing to be better athletes.


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                I'm not actually sure. I may have signed up for Mark's newsletter when researching sleeping, I know I started using F.lux because of a blog here. I also remember reading a blog on sleeping and sleep positions. Anyways, I kept getting this newsletter called Mark's Daily Apple, which I ignored for at least a few months. One day, I read it, and for whatever reason a lightbulb went on. I then spent a reasonably neurotic week reading everything and anything I could from this sight that drew my eye.

                I am so glad I made the change!
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                  I have been watching Sean Croxton's Underground Wellness videos for a couple years and he did an interview with Mark and that's how I found PB. Thank you Sean!!

                  If you aren't familiar with Sean, get to know him now!!


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                    Make fun of Readers' Digest all you want, but it led me here. There was a brief article summing up Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat that caught my eye. I read through and it all clicked with me. Every word written by Taubes made perfect sense. I checked the book on Amazon and through the reader reviews I found a link and a good number of mentions about MDA. I didn't buy WWGF until later, but after checking out the MDA link and reading through the home page I was hooked! I immediately bought Primal Blueprint, it showed up on my Kindle 30 seconds later (I need to buy a real copy, too many bookmarks and dog-eared and highlighted pages needed and I hate the Kindle way for that) and I just devoured the book. I started PB 5 days later (Feb 14, a Valentine's gift to myself) and haven't looked back!
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                      I was in a Biggest Loser contest at work and joined a weight-loss support forum on another blog I visit. Someone there mentioned primal eating. I went to google to find out what that meant and the rest is history.

                      I love the relative 'freedoms' in this way of eating and exercising. It seemed to natural so me that I was able to cut out grains virtually cold turkey. I've had a harder time with sugar and still have to have half a spoonful in my coffee
                      Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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                        I can't remember what exactly lead me here, I'm pretty sure I was just looking to lose some weight and be healthier. I was trying to figure why I lost weight eating chocolate covered almonds and liptons ice tea at work but gained 5lbs when I decided I needed to eat healthier( granola bars and more whole grains in the diet)
                        I think I was looking for a gluten-free diet and it had been mentioned on another site I used to frequent.
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                          Oh and I couldn't stomach the thought of going back to sparkpeople lol!
                          Calm the f**k down.


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                            I had already tried gluten-free for my Hashimoto's. I was feeling good for awhile but ultimately it didn't make a big difference. I think it was because I was actually eating more grain than normal. I was experimenting with all the gluten free products. Later on, I read a bit of WAP stuff an was experimenting with sprouting my grains. I'd already gotten away from the bad oils (especially soybean oil because of my thyroid). In a misguided attempt to be more environmentally friendly, I decided to try making most of my meals vegan. I blew up like a balloon and felt like crap. I stumbled on Taubes Why We Get Fat through someone posting a link to one of his lectures (I think it was in a thread about Lustig) and became interested in the idea of diseases of civilization. Even though he's more about carbs as a whole than the type of carbs, that really struck me.


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                              I was researching ketogenic diets in order to better control my epilepsy with less dependance on medication. There has been some really good research lately at Johns Hopkins on this subject. They use something they call the Modified Atkins Diet. My only gripe with Atkins is all the fake food bars and shakes you supposedly need. So I went looking for an all natural alternative to Atkins and found this.