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  • Best Dream ever!

    I had the best dream ever last night! I was on a tundra, going toward a cave on a small cliff when two lions (we'll say cave lions due to the tundra part) showed up. I had a big stick with something on the end so I hit the lions so hard their necks snapped!
    At the other end of the cliff was a siberian tiger and I remember thinking there might be a cave bear in the cave.

    Anyone else had an awesome dream like this recently?
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    Last night I had a dream that I had a friend who was some kind of science student, and she unearthed the corpse of some woman from the 1800s, wound the corpse's hair and a string around a nail, connected the string to a radio, and was able to communicate with the dead woman in that way. The dead woman knew all about Star Wars.
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      I had some crazy ass dream the other night that I was addicted to a blood and cocaine mixture. It involved my cutting my hand with a straw that had a mini-exacto knife on the end and then mixing coke into the blood from the wound. I then drank it with the straw and then offered it to my kids. It wasn't a drug in my dream, but rather a health supplement!
      Sometimes I wonder what is going on in my crazy brain!!

      Nice dreams, btw...glad I am not the only one with crazy ones!!


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        I dreamed last night that we were at my best friends wedding and the preacher didn't show up. The bride was sobbing and I thought we were going to have to rush her out of there, but the groom (my best friend) piped up "But Tony (my husband) is a pastor, it's ok!" I argued "No he's not..." but as I was saying that my husband stood up and Superman style ripped his tux off to reveal full roman catholic priest get up! ACK! I felt ill, knowing I had married a catholic priest but he just bounded up to the front and married my friends. The groom patted my arm and said, "It's a man thing, don't worry dear." WTF!?! lol
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          haha! all these dreams are so cool!

          last night i had a dream that i was in the woods with my father and we came across a large nest with four black swords that looked like raven feathers. a white moth came down from the trees and got tangled in my hair. it tried to untangle itself but sliced it's wings and died. next thing i knew i was on a beach surrounded by faceless people. a tidal wave came and swept me out to sea. two sharks were circling at my ankles and biting my legs.

          then i woke up and went to the etching studio in my building and there was the same white moth from my dream in one of our vats of acid!!!!!! wild.
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            Awesome psychedelic dream thread!

            2 nights ago I dreamed that I was a macrophage defending a body (my body, I think...) from invasion by pathogens. Except it was a lot like playing Halo for X Box, but everything was a close-quarters engulfing attack. I still had my identity and everything and we were playing capture the flag, but with all of that twistedness. Then there were a few sex scenes with the chick from Perfect Dark (I know I wasn't playing Perfect Dark because you don't jump in Perfect Dark) which were a nice change of pace. But I got killed and didn't respawn. The end.

            I don't think I'm ever going to start writing these down in detail.
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              haha i had a supremely non-awesome AND anti-primal/paleo dream... i was eating nutella *shame*
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                Originally posted by imasin View Post
                haha i had a supremely non-awesome AND anti-primal/paleo dream... i was eating nutella *shame*
                No shame, there are MANY people on here who secretely love nutella. lol
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                  Last night I dreamed vividly of a pokemon-sutra (c'mon babe, lets do the caterpie ;D ... O.O) which then melded into my boyfriend's mum getting eggs out of thier chicken hutch (which I saw her do the EXACT same way today O.o) which then went into some stranger describing to me the correct way to preserve and store different cuts of.. the human body. Which went into detailed like pickling the eyeballs and removing toe and finger nails... I woke up incredibly perplexed, needless to say.. =S
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                    Last week I dreamt that I was doing one-arm chins, muscle-ups, and finally one-arm muscle-ups. With like zero effort. I have done a muscle-up in real life, but it wasn't easy at all and I had to cheat by using some swing. In the dream, I was busting them out like nobodies business.

                    In a separate dream, I dreamt that my wife was driving us around in a flying car, but it was low enough to the ground that some crazy man was trying to grab my legs, so I started kicking really fast. Unfortunately I was kicking my wife's foot in bed in the real world, and I was actually kicking pretty hard and fast, haha.