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  • WOW for hardcore pb'ers only

    I really enjoy living primally. I love the food and i love the fitness. What i dont like is how mark seems to seperate the two. Here is a little WoW i developed in my downtime:

    1x scavange. (lets face it, while our smarts may have got us to the point where we are today, but we did not originate at the top of the food chain and therfore would have to of scavanged meat where possible.)

    To scavange, closely follow a person eating a primal meal (close enough will do). As soon as the person drops guard for a second, steal thier shit and bolt, once you are far enough away, enjoy your reward!!

    1x fight for food. (population density may not have been quite as high as todays numbers, but Grok undoubtably ran into other Grok at some point while only one meal was avaliable)

    Wait at the supermarket or butcher untill a large individual attempts to purchase the last of a certain cut of meat. Then run in and beat them down, untill they surrender or to the death. Again, enjoy your reward when safe.

    1x bad ass hunter (yeah, you Grok)

    Dog, cat, rabbit, goldfish you name it and its a living animal, you can hunt it. Chase down your prey, and enjoy the freshest of fresh meat.

    (note: for an extra challenge/ advanced level, choose a predatory animal, the zoo is a wealth of these. Tigers are my fav. )

    Thats it!!! You are certain to feel as primal as Grok after this one.

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    Bwahaha, good one

    Good luck keeping up stamina in your escape from the police


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      Hee heee.....

      Ok, when you get really good at that come and see me. I'll dig out my rollerblades and bullwhip to make sure you get the best Sprint of your life.


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        1x serendipitous find: road kill! You're driving along, and you spot a bunny carcass on the side of the road. Scare off the crows, and...Yum!

        (advanced level--aim your car at the unlucky creature wandering along the shoulder of the road. Fresh meat--who's hungry?)

        2x serendipitous find: On your daily 2 hour barefoot jaunt across the savannah, you spot some bright blue berries...poison, or nutrient? Taste, vomiting, no seizure...Feast!

        1x carb gorge: your supersonic ears detect a low humming sound coming from the tree trunk as you swing from the branches. Follow the noise to find a beehive. Brave the stings (your ungroomed body hair will help protect you!) and hit the motherlode of golden goodness.

        (dramatic loss of health if you engage in this behavior too frequently...)

        height: 5' 10 1/2"
        2/20/11: 210
        9/19/11: 185.5
        goal: #170

        "Decide what to be, and go be it."


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          My neighborhood is rampant with feral cats if anyone needs some help with the hunting part
          --Trish (Bork)

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