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    I was looking for some input on some breathing questions I had, but my comment got buried on the second page where no one would see it. So I thought I'd come to the forum, see what eyes I could get on it here!

    I have always had a very hard time breathing through my nose. I keep hearing from everyone how breathing through your nose is way better (and/or breathing through your mouth is bad). But for whatever reason (nasal/sinus deformity, allergies, I dunno) I cannot get enough air in fast enough through my nose. It *sounds* bad when I try to breathe that way. When running, I try to do the ďin through the nose, out through the mouth" thing, but can only last 1/4-1/2 lap before I get dizzy and need to switch to mouth breathing.

    This has never really seemed like a huge deal to me. It seemed to me that as long as Iím breathing at all, things are good. But it *really* concerns my wife. As far as I can tell thereís really nothing you can do aside from surgery, and I really donít have any desire to have elective surgery for this.

    Does anyone here have any insight? Is this a problem? Have any of you worked through this non-surgically?

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    Have you considered a blow-hole?
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      Ive got the same thing with breathing through my nose... I always have since a kid. Sometimes one side of the nasal passages opens up for a little while then closes up again.

      I suspect I have a yeast overgrowth (candida) and yeast loves to take over mucus parts of the body. ...especially the nasal passages.


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        If you have a lot of nose hair, trim it. The hairs can get gunked up with dust and boogers, making it harder to breath. Also, try a Netipot to wash out your nasal passages each day. That thing changed my life. It has dramatically reduced my allergies and allows me to breath more clearly.


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          You may have a deviated septum. My husband had the same issue and that was his problem. He had it fixed - it was outpatient surgery, and not a huge deal, and it hasn't bothered him since. If it bothers you I would suggest asking your doctor about it. It is a fairly common problem.

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            Thanks for the comments. john_e_turner, my mom has been bugging me about those neti pot things for years! It just seems so... weird, and wrong, to pour stuff *in* to my nose! Maybe I will try it, though. I already take care of the hair.

            JKC - that's kind of what I'm afraid of. I know there are surgical options and it's a relatively minor surgery. But insurance won't cover it. And I just don't have a few grand lying around to put toward something if it isn't directly hurting me. What exactly did they do for your husband? Do they break and reset the nose, or implant something?

            It doesn't bother me exactly, except that everyone keeps telling me how bad breathing through your mouth is. There's even that whole cultural pejorative "mouth-breather" as an insult. I guess I just don't quite understand why. I mean, as far as I can tell air goes in through your mouth just the same as your nose (well, you can move more air faster with your mouth, but...). So... why exactly is it such a problem?