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Segmented sleep....waking up after 4-5 hours, then sleeping again

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  • Segmented sleep....waking up after 4-5 hours, then sleeping again

    I know segmented sleep is our traditional sleep pattern, persisting well past the neolithic age until the industrial revolution brought us electronic lights.

    I still find it awfully annoying in the modern age. I've been primal for a couple months now, and I've found myself unwillingly practicing segmented sleep for a good month. I wake four or five hours after falling asleep, read for an hour and a half or so, and then conk back out until I've reached my eight hours total. I'm not tired in the least (unless I skip the "conk back out" part, in which case I'm a mess and conk out during the day), and my caffeine consumption has collapsed, but ten hours in bed to get a good night's sleep is driving me a little bit crazy.

    Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions for sleeping straight through the night?

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    I've heard magnesium citrate, taken in the evenings, may help.
    I don't have a problem getting uninterrupted sleep, though I find I need 8-9 hrs per night, which is still annoying!
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      I sometimes get this but other times only need 4-5 hours of sleep. It's odd, to say the least.
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        I get this frequently, but I enjoy it. It seems to make the night longer. I lay there enjoying the quiet and the darkness, feeling warm and relaxed, and daydream (I refuse to think about work or drama at this time) until I slip back into sleep. I kinda miss it when I sleep straight through and I go straight from my head hitting the pillow to grumping out of bed. I always feel a little out of sorts without my little bit of 'me' time at night.


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          try some yoga right before bed that will induce sleep, I am trying tratak (candle gazing) right before bed to help increase melatonin. Its to soon to tell if it is working or not but I did have a better night sleep last night.
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            Since going on the Paleo diet, both the wife & I wake up 1 or 2 hours earlier every morning. We just don't need as much sleep.

            Also, blood pressure is now normal for both of us, as we were both high blood pressure for many years before.



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              Do you wake up for any specific purpose? I had a habit of drinking a lot of water almost right before bed and at one point it would cause me to wake up to pee without fail.


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                I too have noticed this very thing. I'll wake up at like 3:00 feeling totally rested. An hour or two later I zonk out again until the alarm goes off. As the OP said, when I don't get that second wave of sleep it catches up to me. I will usually feel great that day and very productive in the early part of the day. By 5 or 6 though I'm feeling like a truck hit me if it's happened a few days in a row. All that said, for the most part I feel great all day, everyday. I have more energy than almost anyone I know so all is well.