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Is the Adrenal Fatigue Pupil Test reliable? How'd you heal your adrenals?

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  • Is the Adrenal Fatigue Pupil Test reliable? How'd you heal your adrenals?

    Yet another evening slogging through the internet, in search of some clue as to WTF is going on with my ever treacherous body, and I stumbled across a mention of a quick home test that might give a clue:
    (ganked from

    This is called the Pupil test and primarily tests your levels of aldosterone, another adrenal hormone. You need to be in a darkened room with a mirror. From the side (not the front), shine a bright light like a flashlight or penlight towards your pupils and hold it for about a minute. Carefully observe the pupil. With healthy adrenals (and specifically, healthy levels of aldosterone), your pupils will constrict, and will stay small the entire time you shine the light from the side. In adrenal fatigue, the pupil will get small, but within 30 seconds, it will soon enlarge again or obviously flutter in itís attempt to stay constricted. Why does this occur? Because adrenal insufficiency can also result in low aldosterone, which causes a lack of proper amounts of sodium and an abundance of potassium. This imbalance causes the sphincter muscles of your eye to be weak and to dilate in response to light. Click here to see a video of fluctuating pupils, and thanks to Lydia for providing this.
    So I tried it out, and my pupils practically danced a jig, they couldn't hold a proper contraction for even a few seconds. I have years of thyroid problem symptoms, a veritable laundry list from hell, but when I finally got to the doctor, the thyroid tests seemed within normal range, she outright refused to test anything related to my adrenals and told me she wanted to put me on antidepressants. Still gives me a little burst of rage just thinking about dealing with her.

    So, ah, could it be adrenals after all? And what do those experienced with adrenal healing recommended? Did you try this test and find it was accurate for you? This thread on Reddit suggests a course of self treatment with, among other things, Isocort. Has anyone tried that to good results? At 30 bucks a bottle, I want to feel like I at least might be on the right track.

    Could adrenal problems be why I lost no fat during a month worth of keto + calorie deficit and working out? Am I just screwing myself with that?

    (Does anyone else wish we had a subforum focused on health issues not covered purely by Nutrition or Fitness? We tend to be a crowd with a lot of healing to do and a desire to share info about it...)
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    Bump. My story is almost exactly the same - anyone know?


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      There are at least two other threads about adrenal fatigue on here. Try the search function.
      less stress.
      quit all Caffeine. (!!)
      for starters.