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How do you explain your eating habits in a social situation?

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  • How do you explain your eating habits in a social situation?

    Do you just say: I'm not eating wheat/potatoes/corn/rice anymore? Or do you make up excuses. I said this today to my friends and they just gave me blank looks.
    "But then...what do you EAT? That's like, everything, all carbs!"
    "Why??? Carbs aren't healthy? Huh?"
    I kind of felt like it's a bit rude to say I don't eat wheat/etc. b/c it's not healthy but I didn't really know what else to say...
    What do you usually say?

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    Celiac, lactose intolerance, obscure corn allergy, candy and soda taste bad. If it's the junky conventional beef in Alberta (one of the only places in North America brilliant enough to feed mainly barley to cows) I'll say I'm not comfortable with how they are raised. I got some odd looks but it's better than explaining that I'm a health nut. Lying is sometimes for the best.

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      I tell them that I'm avoiding inflammatory foods.


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        To be honest I usually say i have allergies, but this comes from my crazy dieting days when i made up allergies that probably aren't even real (i once said i was allergic to sugar.) Really though, what we choose to put in our bodies is our business, so i hope to be able to look people in the eye and explain that i eat a certain way for my health and i hope we can respectfully disagree if we have to disagree! Someday, lol.

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          I just eat what I want to and no one has questioned me about it.

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            Originally posted by JKC View Post
            I just eat what I want to and no one has questioned me about it.
            Same here. When I have gotten into nutrition talks with my girlfriends I just say I don`t like the way my body feels when I eat certain stuff. No biggie
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              People are a lot less observant than we think they are. No one has noticed that I'm doing anything out of the ordinary. I did have to explain once that I get acne when eating bread or sugar. That was all. If you don't make a big deal of it, neither will your interlocutor.


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                We would worry less about what people think if we realized how seldom they do. Seriously.
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                  I usually don't bring it up (and people don't ask anyhow because of the whole celiac thing--most of my friends pretty much accept that I don't eat certain foods and ignore my plate), but these days, my partner does tell people about it. He usually tells people how after he quit the grains, a lot of his joint pains went away because of the reduced inflammation. When people ask about carbs, my usual explanation is that I think vegetables and fruit have some actual nutritional value, whereas grain is pretty much meaningless in terms of nutrients and isn't very good for us. People usually get that part and think it's a good idea.

                  I actually get the weirdest responses not about grain, but about fat. When people start going off about fats, I calmly explain that dietary cholesterol and fat have little to no impact on blood cholesterol...and then I usually trail off because they're looking at me like I've grown another head. Some people ask a bit more and get interested, at which point I direct them to sources for further information.

                  I think the thing for me is that most of my friends are quite aware that we're health conscious, so they don't push the sugar, but it confuses the hell out of them that we eat fat.

                  Oddly, many people I know also assume I'm a vegetarian. Obviously, these are not the people I eat meals with regularly, but it's still an interesting assumption.
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                    I rarely get questioned, but when I do, I just say I don't eat much bread and that's usually the end of it. If they press, I say I feel better when I avoid it - and I can point directly to my chronic heartburn that is now gone.
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                      I usually don't. If forced to say something I say I get migraines if I eat (whatever it is they are nagging about). Which is in generally true...sugar and grains tend to make my migraines worse and more frequent.
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                        "I tend to think that putting poison into my body is generally a bad idea."
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                          Originally posted by tanyayogi View Post
                          What do you usually say?
                          "I have been diagnosed with an allergy to wheat and other grains. There's a protein called gluten and similar proteins in all grains and it makes me very sick. I'm also a diabetic, so I can't have sugar or anything sweet."

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                            One of the things that really helps with avoiding intrusive questioning is to behave as if diet is not a proper subject for conversation. I find that I come across as a somewhat formal person in "real life", or at least a somewhat distant person, and this may be one of the reasons why - there are some aspects of my life I do not wish to discuss with others. Diet is one of them. Generally, any of my health-related enthusiasms are only shared with my closest family members, and no one else.


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                              I usually go with the gluten-intolerance thing too. I usually try to avoid conversation about food though...