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Does anyone have trouble eating on this diet?

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  • Does anyone have trouble eating on this diet?

    I have been on this diet for about three days and I have been having trouble finishing my food. Just now I made dinner which was supposed to be 1/2 lemon roasted herb chicken, mixed veggies. I barely got through the chicken breast and ate none of the vegetables. Earlier today I had a protein shake (breakfast), an avocado salad with tomato, 2 slices of bacon and a dollop of sour cream (and I wasn't hungry for most of the day after that meal) and about two hours before dinner I had a piece of aged cheddar. Is this normal? I am also extremely warm after eating these meals (except for the shake). Really weird changes going on here folks. Any insights? Thanks you guys!

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    Just roll with it. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are not hungry. Some times the appetite goes away, sometimes it comes roaring back.
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      So long as you are energetic, this is not a problem. Your body will react to changes and its only been three days. It can take weeks to stabilise after making dietary changes. Try walking an hour a day and look at all of the primal laws
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        Okay. Lettin' it roll. Thanks!


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          Yeah - me too - I am amazed at how much less food I am eating these days, and I am much less hungry than I was when I was eating probably near twice as many calories before primal blueprint eating.

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            You'll stop having trouble eating if you work out every day for 1+ hours.
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              That's why I IF. I eat a biggish breakfast and a biggish lunch then nothing until breakfast. Is it because I'm on a religious journey? No, hardly. It's because I'm not hungry. Eating this way really does bring us back to the way we were supposed to eat. There was no 3 meals + 2 snacks a day 40,000 years a go. It was, gee - there's a lot food, let's eat it all. Maybe we'll get to eat again tomorrow.


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                I think this is the one reason this WOE has worked well for me in terms of weight loss and not feeling deprived. I am just not as hungry as I was before. I have become very in tune to only eat when hungry and stop when full. I always had difficulty with that in the past when I was eating all starchy carbs all the time!



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                  When I lower my carbs enough to hit ketosis I find I am rarely ever hungry. I was tracking my calories, carbs and protein with and found that most days I was eating 800 or less calories yet never felt the urge to raid the fridge and would be full half way through dinner (i rarely ever eat breakfast or lunch anyway). My biggest challenge with this way of life is my work schedule and the pressure others put on me to eat something because they feel I am not eating sufficient amounts. I tend to give into social pressures and eat half a bagel or an apple just to shut them up and not have to argue about it.
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                    I find some days I'm not very hungry and other days I have a raging, insatiable appetite. I think the best thing to do is just go with it. What I need to learn is to always have healthy things around that can be quickly prepared for those days when I'm a bottomless pit so that I don't just eat off my roommate's plate...
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                      Hi Trishie,

                      I'm in my third week now. I have had trouble eating. My appetite went way down and I started being able to go a long time between meals. I also had a couple of days where the thought of eating turned me right off. I also experienced a complete flip in the times that I was really hungry. Before primal I was always super hungry in the morning and not so much at night. After primal there have been days where I didn't feel like eating until the afternoon. I was concerned about under eating too. There were a couple of days where I only consumed about 600 cals but I felt fine. I also posted questions about it and took the advice to go with it. I wasn't feeling tired or deprived so I did.

                      Now it seems that I can eat more and my hunger patterns are evening out. I guess my body just needed time to adjust to everything and find it's own pattern. As others of said as long as you're not feeling energy deprived then I wouldn't be super concerned, especially since it's so new. One of the biggest learning curves so far is just becoming more aware of what's happening body wise and work with it rather then just going by some direction that it's supposed to be.
                      My Mom, when I told her that I'm doing really eat breakfast anymore, was not impressed. "Don't you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? It gives you the energy you need blah blah." A month ago I would have totally concurred because if I didn't eat breakfast I felt it and I didn't have a great day. Now my day is fine without it. Heck it's even better then it was before.

                      Everyone is different. Listen to yourself and you'll figure out what works best for you.