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Laser treatments for age spots

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  • Laser treatments for age spots

    Curious if any one has had laser treatments for pigmentation removal and what your experience was?

    I'm 46 years-old and have unacceptable amount of age spots on my face. I also have some dark spots where a halo was screwed into my head when I had my last pituitary surgery, that are getting darker as I get older. I've tried Retina A with zero success.

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    I do know that for some people lasers can make pigmentation worse. You should make an appointment with a cosmetic doctor and see what he/she says. I wanted to get laser resurfacing done and the lady I talked to didn't feel comfortable doing it on my skin because olive skin can sometimes be difficult to treat and leave pigmentation scars. She sent me to a cosmetic surgeon and he said it would be ok with a different laser.


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      My wife has melasma, probably similar to what you have. She spent a thousands on fraxel and pixel laser treatments, with ZERO results. It did not worsen, but did not help at all. It was a complete waste of money. I would only try if you can get a money back guarantee in writing, which I doubt anyone will give you.

      I have some melasma myself, and it's been a pain. First, I stayed away from the sun, and wore sunscreen and hats constantly. The result was a very pale face, with most people commenting that I didn't look healthy. The brown spots were not as dark, but were more noticeable against my white skin. So, I tried another approach. I went straight for more sun, wore no sunscreen or hats. My face tanned and the comments were I had a healthy glow. However, the dark spots are darker, but not quite as noticeable against my tanned skin.

      So, I am not really sure what the solution is. Keep us informed if you find anything that works.


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        Yes, I have. Quite recently. But this was for cherry angiomas ("blood freckles") on my face and chest, using something called pulsed dye laser. While there, I also had the broken capillaries around my nose removed. That was a different laser, something called IPL. I *think* (?) they would use the pulsed dye laser for age spots. That was not painful at all, but holy shit the IPL was, even with the topical anesthetic. (Still worth it to me.... it's just that I wasn't prepared mentally for it.)

        In both instances, multiple treatments were required, and that would be the case for you too.

        I definitely would recommend it. I for sure will be having my age spots removed this way, when the time comes. It's pretty cool what they can do with lasers these days.
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          Did you do prescription retin-A?

          I've been using Alpha Hydrox retinol night cream and their 10% glycolic acid lotion and have zero age spots on my face--two pin-prick ones on my hands. Far fewer than my mom at this age (48). I have an olive complexion also.

          The glycolic acid is great for clearing dark pigmentation after healing.
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            Here are some before/after photos from the place I went to.

            The Key Laser Institute - Photo Gallery

            My advice would be to go to the best MD with the newest laser technology in your city. Don't go to some strip mall-type place. Dr. Key in Portland is considered one of the best in the country and gets all the newest lasers first. So if you can find a doctor who is using similar technology to what he is providing, you will be golden. Fraxel is quite old technology by now, so if someone is offering you that, they are not up to date. As you can see from the site, it's not even an option at Key Laser Institute.

            @john: Your wife might want to look into the newer stuff, if it's provided where you live. I think it would help her.
            "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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              Dragonfly, I used the prescription form of Retina A every night, for two months straight. I saw no change what so ever.


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                I definitely will consider my wife and I trying another clinic. My only problem is I do not want to spend money unless there are guaranteed results. Those before and after pictures are impressive, and I am sure many people do have great results. Maybe we can find someone in the Dallas area that is better than where she went before.