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What Bostonians ate in the 19th century

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  • What Bostonians ate in the 19th century

    Food city - The Boston Globe

    Seems mostly primal to me.......

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    It’s hard to tell how much of all this the average diner ate, or how, given the possibilities, anyone could have avoided morbid obesity — although of course they lacked our sodas and snack foods. And although they dined frequently, they ate little between meals.
    They also knew that sweets and breads made you fat.


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      Originally posted by DaisyEater View Post
      They also knew that sweets and breads made you fat.
      They still knew that into the 1950's, but it was forgotten shortly after that.


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        I don't trust the Irish!
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          Great article! I've read accounts of "the fattest person in town" in various early American (pre-Civil War) sources, and usually those people are described as being round, but they never give the impression that those people were anywhere near as big as many obese people today (for example, they never say the people can't walk because of their weight, or can't ride horses, etc.). Even President Taft looks only a bit above average to my eye. :-(
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