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Making factory farms look bad, soon illegal?

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  • Making factory farms look bad, soon illegal?

    Gawker — Today's gossip is tomorrow's news

    Hey, Gawker is a totally reliable news source, okay?

    The video is obviously disturbing, but a law prohibiting people from showing this is wrong.
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    That video was seriously upsetting. The public does have a right to know what happens on the farms that produce their food. Although I disagree with the way that groups like PETA frame these films to mislead people into thinking all meat production is like this, I do think people need to be made aware that factory farming is unethical and environmentally damaging, and films like this help the public understand. The law they're proposing basically destroys the ability of investigative journalists, farm workers, and others to expose what happens on these farms--no factory farm owner is going to allow them to film those conditions with consent.
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