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ED! How many times, will I ever learn?!

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  • ED! How many times, will I ever learn?!

    Just when I think I have cracked it, moved past my binge eating way I get dumped back on my ass. This time feels a bit different though, no gluten ! Only sugar and dairy, a dark chocolate and ice cream binge. Not even tasty, no buzz. So what triggered it? When I was cruising the paleo feeling good. I then had to visit a friend for a few days but I stayed paleo even through the airport, through eating out, having dinner at their place, coping with being hungry, explaning no I don't eat that etc. So what spun me out was coming home and actually sort of rebelling against all those feelings of being hungry over the weekend, not being in control of when I ate. I live on my own an eat what I want when I want so it was tough fitting with someone elses schedule and stay paleo. Blah! Hard to put into words. So gold star for staying paleo on visit and binge not holding me prisoner, tomorrow I hitch back onto the wagon with no guilt and shame,

    What I FINALLY realise is I need to eat when I am hungry and I know how to satisfy my hunger.

    One another note I realise how far I have come health wise, my friend us so hung on cw it's scary, so much bread, soda and junk. It didn't try to convert her as I quickly realised she wasn't ready to hear it.

    Sorry for this ramble but needed to post to get this off my chest, hope someone can relate.
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    I don't get how this is ED, sounds like deeper issues are at play. Next time (since hindsight is 20/20) plan & prepare for the situation better? When I visit people I usually say I need to go to the grocery store and get some meat and then cook it with them or whatnot.
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      As I understand it, eating disorders can be like alcoholism. There are no "recovered" alcoholics, just recovering ones. I'm afraid it may be the same for those of us with eating disorders. Sometimes the best you can do is make sure the failures are as infrequent as possible.

      Try to learn from it, and don't beat yourself up. Life goes on.


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        Ugh, I definitely struggle with my eating disorder, which involves binge behaviour.

        Yes, I've had those rebelious types of binges. Being fully primal, low carb and healthy has greatly diminished them. You will get there. <3
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          Hi, I'm going through the same thing, except it's like I sabotage myself on purpose by bingeing on the worst foods I can find (chocolate, sweets). I don't really understand it - I KNOW I feel so much better eating clean, and I'm desperate to lose weight. It doesn't make any sense.

          So, as far as someone like me can give tips at all:
          - Make your primal eating as pleasurable as possible. When I tried to stay ultra low-carb and watch calories and cut out dairy (along with everything else), I could barely last a day. Now I've tried letting myself have a bit of grated cheese in my omelette, and allowing myself milk means I can have a cup of tea, and it makes things easier - makes the diet seem normal, rather than a restriction.
          - Be organised with eating so you don't get too hungry. I find that big gaps between meals (either on purpose or by accident) leads to cravings for sweet things and, ultimately, binges/cheating.
          - Don't go near the sweet things until you've stopped wanting them (when your tastes have changed and you've broken the sugar addiction). For shopping, make the list, go in, get your things, and leave straight away. Browsing around always seems to lead me to the aisles of things I can't have ('just looking!'), which can lead to feelings of deprivation and, ultimately, downfall.

          Yours in solidarity,

          A Fellow binger


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            I had a binge yesterday. Totally understand. Mine was caused from willingly eating bad foods on the weekend at a celebration, trying to 'treat' myself just once. Big mistake as its enough to make my sugar addiction come back out. Before primal I was a constant snacker, so I'm slowly doing IF before I train myself into my first 24hr fast..

            I read an interesting thread on here
            and also this website: Withdrawal Symptoms, Cravings, Etc.

            I now take vitamin C and an amino acid complex tablets 3 times a day / when I feel like eating/binging out of boredom and its strangely works, as in I loose my desire to eat out of boredom! (except for yesterday, I was beyond help).
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