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  • One week on Primal-status report

    Well I've made it one week. Yay me! Seems like a long week because I've spent more time thinking about everything 'food' then I have in a long time.

    Some reflections so far....

    It's been difficult but not as difficult as I thought it would. It's definitely been less difficult then any other type of 'diet' I've tried.

    Now usually I wouldn't be all excited or even think about writing about my experience on a 'diet' after just one week but this one is different. Way different.

    I think the biggest difference is the sheer lack of hunger. In every other eating plan I've ever tried dealing with hunger has always been an issue. In this case I'm experiencing the opposite. I'm more concerned about not eating enough. I've been tracking to get and idea of what is in the food I'm eating and have been surprised. I know this way of eating isn't about calories but calorie wise I'm low. Getting to even 1200 a day is hard. It's even more boggling because even though my calorie level has dropped so much, I'M NOT HUNGRY and have energy. I'm pretty sure this level is too low and am hoping my appetite will adjust especially as I become more active but I've never ever tried an eating plan or 'diet' where I'm more concerned about eating enough rather then trying to cut and whittle food intake down. I'm experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance here. It's especially mind bending when I eat 4 eggs for breakfast and am trying to figure out ways to get MORE fat rather then being fat adverse.

    Another thing is my motivation. On other 'diets' I've tried even after one week I've had to go through willing myself to keep going. With this one? Nope. I'm still all over it and the thought of going back just doesn't appeal. I feel pretty damn good considering. The only issues I have is figuring out how to make it all more interesting as my food prep this week has been pretty basic in order to just figure it out and I know I will get bored of it. Not a big problem though, I like cooking and it will just take some time to learn some new recipes and different prep ideas.

    I am a bit concerned about expense though as it's been a long time since I have bought and ate this much meat. I'm not rich by any means so it is a concern. I think it will just take some time to sort it all out as now I won't be buying a lot of things I used too. It however has made me even more motivated to get my garden going and has changed my overall plan of what I usually tend to plant. I'm still working that all out. My 'greens' beds have already quadrupled in size and I'm planting more broccoli, cauliflower and carrots then I have before.

    So far carb and sugar cravings have not been bad at all. I only had one day where they were really bad. Other then that it's been manageble a more just dealing with habit. Before when I would get hungry I'd reach for something like bread or easy fill me ups like pasta. So I do get that craving but as long as I eat something else it goes away.

    I'm enjoying the whole fat thing. I realize now that many of the things I ate before were more about getting fat. It wasn't just the bread it was getting the slab on butter or peanut butter on the bread. The butter was the best part. My favorite 'pasta' dish is just spaghetti with butter and cheese. The butter and cheese being the best part. One of my favorite 'indulgences' which I felt so guilty eating was peanut butter and bacon sandwiches fried in bacon grease. The fattier the bacon the better. It was better if the whole thing was drippy and messy. In terms of yogurt I would eat it because it was supposed to be good for me but would always get the low fat versions even though the higher fat guilt inducing versions were more satisfying. Sandwiches weren't sandwiches unless they had lots of mayo. I could go on and on. My body wanted fat but my mind said you're not supposed to want it so I was always struggling with adding it to food. I don't think it's any coincidence now that most of my favorite 'treats' were not much more then carbed based fat delivery dishes.

    So far I'm pretty okay with sugar. I have used a small bit of honey here and there but overall my desire for it isn't there. I think it's related to the fat thing again. Most of my favorite 'sugary' foods are also higher in fat. The sweet part is just a palatable bonus. I didn't want just sugar I wanted fatty sugar.

    Another change is my desire to move. Now if I don't move I get jittery and feel stressed. Before working out was more a chore. I think this is because of the increased energy and also the whole notion that moving for fitness doesn't mean lots of cardio, that a workout is a-okay with the cardio part gone. Love that.

    As for results. I have lost a few pounds I think most likely water weight. However for a lark I decided to remeasure myself this morning. I honestly didn't expect much difference. Most measurements were pretty much the same except for my hips. Couldn't believe it. An inch to an inch and half. I was so surprised that I kept moving the tape up and down thinking that I must not be measuring in the same place. Nope. No matter where I moved it I couldn't get the same measurement I did last week. Still not really believing it I ran upstairs to get a pair of shorts that three weeks ago were snug and when I snapped them close were uncomfortably snug to the point of popping. They went on and closed. Still snug but not uncomfortable and no popping.

    No way! One week! Wowza. And I didn't even blow myself away with crazy exercise!

    Another thing is that this forum is really great. I don't think I could have done this without it or at least it would have been more difficult. The support and just being able to ask questions and voice concerns with other people that are at various stages in invaluable. Reading about other peoples experiences and getting ideas is wonderful too. It's like it's a group effort.

    So thanks so much everyone!

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    Congrats, Nettles! I had a lot of the same realizations. Before, I could be slowly gaining and hungry all the time. Now I am full all the time even when I am eating probably half the volume of what I did before. People who aren't hungry all the time can't imagine it, but it is by and far the best part of the dietary change.

    A joyful heart is good medicine

    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. - Jim Elliot

    Mmmmm. Real food is good.

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      Great start & testimonial. Welcome!
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