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Traveling with Vitamins

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  • Traveling with Vitamins

    I will be traveling to England in a few weeks (my first visit). Has anyone encountered any trouble carrying your supplements through customs. I will be bringing:

    Damage control - multi vitamin
    Omega 3 fish oils
    Primal Calm
    Vitamin D3


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    The rule for travel is to carry everything in its original, clearly labeled bottle. All prescriptions should have the prescription label on them (you can often get pharmacists to fill a smaller size bottle for you for travel), and any OTC drugs or supplements should be in the correct container, ideally with a DIN on the label. It's a pain, but it prevents a lot of issues going through security. Unlabeled tablets tend to get confiscated and may get you pulled in for further examination.

    And of course, all liquids have to follow the 100 ml rule.
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      What Owly said. I was on an international cruise in January and just kept all vitamins/supplements/prescriptions in their original bottles and brought my "day of the week" pill sorter with me (empty).



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        How long will you be gone for? I am leaving for Primal Con on Thursday for 4 days and am bringing no supplements. I think you should be ok with what you have though.
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          I used to travel by air every weekend, and sometimes to Europe. I gave up trying to keep everything in the original containers because I would have to carry about a dozen bottles. I just make myself some snack bags, one for each day, and put one day's supplement in each bag.

          If some a-hole in customs wants to try and prove that I'm sneaking something in, they can knock themselves out.

          I'm sure I did at least 6 trips to Europe this way and never had a problem.

          Prescription stuff is different. On those, I keep the original bottle like yer supposed to.