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Being diagnosed Celiac turns out to be a good thing

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  • Being diagnosed Celiac turns out to be a good thing

    I just wanted to share my experience and enlightenment.

    Most people cringe with this diagnosis. But for me it's been a bit of a blessing. I've had to stop eating gluten and most grains. I'll have small amounts of white rice (basmati) on very rare occasions. I've had IBS for some time now, but the Celiac diagnosis is new. My mother is a Celiac, and so is my son. I guess the writing was on the wall. The health benefits of not eating grains has made an enormous difference in my life. Not only have I lost weight and firmed up, but my migraines have all but disappeared and I've managed to stop taking Topamax altogether. I can go all out with intensive exercise without succumbing to a debilitating migraine afterwards. My skin looks great and even my digestive troubles have eased up. I still avoid cruciferous veggies and cabbages, but in small quantities and well-cooked they don't appear to present the problems they did before.

    I have plenty of energy and work out every 2nd day (sometimes every day if I have time), something I was not able to do when I was still eating grains. I was always tired and bloated.

    Grains are bad. Period.
    You donít stop riding because youíre getting old, you get old because you stop riding.

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    Yep. Although I would personally rather be fat and then thin than thin and have to struggle to put as much muscle on small bones as I possibly can! Growing up with an inflamed gut no es bueno.
    Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

    Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!


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      Originally posted by HonuRacer View Post
      Grains are bad. Period.
      Brown rice for me. Stopped eating that shit and eczema went away.


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        I love the wag you look at things. I was diagnosed with celiac 6 months ago and was very sad about it for a while. Being grain free has given me a whole new outlook in life and I'm finally happy that I have found the diet that works for me and that gives me the energy to keep up with my son. Thank you. Very inspirational.