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pH Diet anyone?

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  • pH Diet anyone?

    I just today heard of the pH Diet for the first time. On its face, it sounds primal-ish. But I think there are significant differences. Ultimately it sounds a little more vegetarian leaning. They disdain fruit for the most part and meat as well.

    Anyone heard of it or know about it?


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    I read the book, and then did some research and found it has absolutely no scientific backing, it's junk.
    The more I see the less I know for sure.
    -John Lennon


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      I think the Ph Diet is misinformed. You don't really want alkaline urine. Urine is meant to be acidic because you excrete acid wastes through the urine. Saliva should hover around 7. pH Range

      FYI, eating Primally, my saliva is always slightly alkaline, despite all the "acid forming" foods I eat. I also eat a lot of greens and use lemon in my water, both of which have an alkalizing effect. I don't really have to try to stay in range, though. It might be more of an issue of someone is extremely minerally depleted or has a severe chronic illness.