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PETA: Feeding Children Meat is Child Abuse

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  • PETA: Feeding Children Meat is Child Abuse

    I apologize if this was posted already.

    The folks at PETA have a new billboard campaign...

    AN ANIMAL rights group have been slammed for putting up a billboard which claims feeding children meat is "child abuse".
    The controversial hoarding, funded by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), went on display near Forthview Primary School in Edinburgh's Granton yesterday.
    It screams in bold lettering: "Feeding kids meat is child abuse. Fight the fat. Go veg."
    The slogan is illustrated by an image of a fat-cheeked child about to take a bite out of a burger.
    Peta claim the 20ft by 10ft ad "informs" parents of the dangers of meat but the billboard has provoked claims that the message is inflammatory and trivialises the issue of child abuse.
    Local SNP councillor Steve Cardownie said: "I have every sympathy for the plight of animals and recognise the impact of obesity in Edinburgh.
    "But to imply any parent who buys their child a McDonald's or gives them a hamburger for tea is a child abuser is offensive.
    "Child abuse is a very serious matter and this trivialises it. Any parent seeing this will not rally to their cause but rather will be rebuffed by these sentiments."
    Peta argue that the billboard is trying to alert residents to the city's "ballooning childhood obesity problem".
    They cite NHS figures showing around one in 10 pupils at Edinburgh primary schools are considered clinically obese.
    Abi Izzard, of PETA, said: "The potential for damage from a meatheavy diet is like a ticking timebomb in kids. In addition to causing suffering to millions of animals, getting kids addicted to meat condemns an entire generation to a future of health problems.
    "This ad helps inform parents that it is not just fizzy drinks and crisps they need to worry about."

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    I would classify NOT feeding your child meat as child abuse in this context. B12 and saturated fats are required for development and growth.
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      PALEO - Feeding your children straight up sugar is child abuse! Have a pic of the kid grabbing a milkshake!

      Ok is not abusive but it's not a good idea.


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        I don't think I can *headdesk* enough over this article.

        What if my hypothetical children are say, maybe allergic to wheat and soy? Or allergic to ingredients commonly found in "vegan" "vegetarian" processed foods (which in many cases is how vegans/vegetarians get a lot of their nutrients)? What if feeding them meat is the only way to ensure that they actually are eating enough to survive and getting their vitamins/protein/etc?

        I understand PETA's point of view, but the guilt trips that they utilize as their marketing strategy really don't help them.

        I think more *headdesking* is in order before I go on a rant....
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          Drop a PETA group on a desert island and see how long before they are abusing any and every living thing.
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            Why does anyone pay these idiots and whackos any attention?
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              Originally posted by Digby View Post
              Drop a PETA group on a desert island and see how long before they are abusing any and every living thing.
              Yeah, including one another. Morons, all of 'em.