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Freezing coconut milk/heavy cream?

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  • Freezing coconut milk/heavy cream?

    I am going dairy free for 30 days and I want to start now, but I have a container of heavy cream that I just opened to use a small amount in a recipe. I don't want the cream to go to waste (or my money), is it possible to freeze it? Would I freeze it in a bag?

    This question also goes for coconut milk. I often buy a can from the grocery store, use 1/4 cup in a recipe, and the rest of the can goes bad in my fridge. Would it be possble to freeze small amounts of the milk, take it out and thaw when I need it in a recipe?

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    I haven't frozen heavy cream myself, but from what I hear, freezing it does change the consistency and it won't whip afterward. I'm still going to try it myself since I just use cream as a drink, just haven't yet...

    Coconut milk is freezeable. Here are some defrosting tips: Science! in the kitchen: Can you freeze coconut milk? Home Cooking Well
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      I don't know about the heavy cream, but you can make great treats by mixing coconut milk with vanilla extract (and unsweetened cocoa or cinnamon if you like) and freezing it in ice cube trays.