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Any other Primal Health Professionals out there?

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  • Any other Primal Health Professionals out there?

    I'm quite new to posting here, and your forums are overwhelmingly large and active, so I've only read a few recent posts. Wish I had time for more, but the rest of life still goes on.

    I'm a Registered Dietitian (Canadian). My University training all happened during the development of the cholesterol theory of heart disease and the low fat diet, but with reading in recent years, I have come around to the Primal point of view. I can't implement it too much in my practice ( I work in Long Term Care), but I certainly don't push sugar, margarine or heavy intake of processed carbs anymore. And my own life and that of my family have gone towards the higher fat, lower carb diet in the past year.

    I'd like to hear from any other health professionals, MD's, RD's, etc about your experience, both professional and personal, with the Primal lifestyle and the Primal message.

    Martha T., RD

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    I'm a critical care RN, just beginning my journey into the Primal lifestyle. I will update my post as I progress further.

    My Primal message so far has been mainly limited to my co-workers.


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      I'm a physician currently working on healing myself... Former RN, too. I'm bilingual. Speak nurse and doctor. Oh, and an amateur herbalist.



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        I am a paraprofessional I work as a physical therapy assistant in the US Air Force.

        I find because of my position and being military some people are very open to the idea. We all need to keep our weight down to pass our fitness test. I even had a doctor start telling people baout my success after years of struggle with weight loss. I am not sure she tells everyone about it, but I know she tells her thyroid patients, since I have hypothyroidism and this was the only way I was able to lose weight.

        It is really cool to see more RDs that 'get it' and hopefully this trend will continue. Even if you can't use it in practice, your credentials are a great thing to have when you DO get the chance to promote this lifestyle. Without them people often don't take you seriously. Since I am 'just' a PTA, many people think Ihaveno clue what I am talking about, so they ignore me. Not at work, I am too much of a nerd there, but in regular life and on some CW message boards.

        My MDA journal

        Primal Ponderings- my blog- finally added some food pron :P

        And best of all my Body Fat Makeover!!


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          Is that it? No other RD's or MD's? Those of us who are mandated to give out nutrition advice and yet are controlled by a regulatory college?

          My professional association is heavily sponsored by the provincial milk marketing board, a sugar company, the beef council, etc. And I get regular "healthy eating" propaganda from Pepsico, as they obviously have all the dietitians on their mailing list. It goes straight into recycling.


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            I'm just a college student seeking a business degree but I like to think that I'm more qualified to give out nutritional recommendations with the underlying physiology than 99% of all RD's.


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              Originally posted by Funkadelic Flash View Post
              I'm just a college student seeking a business degree but I like to think that I'm more qualified to give out nutritional recommendations with the underlying physiology than 99% of all RD's.
              I got my Bachelor's in Business, ended up a job I HATE because I was too lazy to put in the proper time and just went for the first that took me.
              Now I'm trying to jump out of business, and into nutrition/health/maybe fitness... but of course I can always use my business degree... but I'd like a Masters in Nutrition, however CW riddled it is.
              I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                I work in emergency services... I hate the fact that I have to give patients care advice that I don't personally agree with, or I'll be disciplined (ie telling pt's with diarrhoea to "eat starchy foods like bread and pasta, and avoid fatty foods."). Very frustrating.

                But at least I can tell me co-workers about this WOE.


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                  I am an RN, working in hospital. I rarely discuss primal nutrition. But one day I had a patient with Hashimotos and colitis and rheumatoid arthritis and I watched her eat a bowl of cold cereal for breakfast - I just had to tell her to look into going gluten free and eliminating grains for 30 days to see if it helped. I said even if she is not specifically celiac, gluten and grains could be exacerbating all these autoimmune diseases. I told her my tendonitis of many years cleared up after eating that way myself. But don't take my word for it - there is tons of info on the internet. Fortunately, I am not really in the position where I have to advise people on diet. I just take care of them when they are very sick in the hospital or recovering from surgery - and they often aren't eating much at all.

                  I did want to report that we have some doctors treating people with pancreatic problems with MCT's (very similar to coconut oil) because they don't require pancreatic enzymes to digest. I talk to my coworkers about my weird diet - have drummed up interest in making kombucha, sauerkraut, gluten-free.....Just the other day I was eating some chorizo hash which created a heavenly aroma in the breakroom. A "healthy" eating friend said he had recently had some "soy-rizo" and found it tasty. I said "don't you know how bad that processed soy stuff is for you? That's not real, natural food." He said he had never heard that before, and clearly seemed a little concerned. So, I plant the seeds, they are sprouting here and there.


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                    So no other RD's in the forums? Does anyone remember previous forum participants who admitted to being a Registered Dietitian? Am I the only renegade?


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                      Hi, I'm not an RD, but I have a degree as naturopathic doctor. I have just started this journey on the PB diet and in just two short weeks have noticed that my head feels clearer and I have less inflammation in my knees joints.
                      Before this, I was always skeptical regarding 'fad' diets. Please don't yell at me for calling PB a fad diet, I didn't know until I actually read the material. I have a different point of view now. But it flies in the face of all that I studied. In fact, I did my dissertation on pH balance of acid/alkalinity and how over acidity contributes to arthritis, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, cancer, etc. I still have questions, but I will use myself as a model for research on this.


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                        Originally posted by PrimalWannabeGirl View Post
                        I'm a physician currently working on healing myself... Former RN, too. I'm bilingual. Speak nurse and doctor. Oh, and an amateur herbalist.

                        LOL, love this. I'm an RN with a PhD in mental health so I'm a Dr Nurse

                        I'm at the end of my second month of eating this way, and still figuring out how to improve my health. I've mentioned it to a colleague who is depressed, but 'I could never give up bread, I eat it at every meal. What would I eat if I couldn't have bread?' I'm biding my time - when I'm well and leaner I'll have something to go on. Also, while I'm reading the science, I'm still not sold on all of it.
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                          I'm considering doing a PhD in public health, but right now I'm a grad student in intercultural communication.
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                            I'm a WHNP/ANP. I talk to several of my patients every day about primal/paleo, especially if they have autoimmune issues or family history of autoimmune problems. I'm thankful I don't work in a primary care setting where I would be required to prescribe statins. I work in a setting where we have to follow strict protocols but I can no longer give out the recommended dietary guidelines. I made a commitment "to do no harm," and telling my patients to eat whole grains and low fat is doing harm. I have done my research on this topic. In addition to all the standard paleo/low carb sources, my roommate is getting his PhD in nutrition at Columbia, specializing in lipids, and he sends me links to studies he comes across related to fats, nutrition, statins, etc. (One of my biggest triumphs is that he is starting to come around to the idea that low carb/high fat is health...last summer he was trying to get enrolled in a statin study, and I begged him not to jeopardize his health, and he clearly thought I was he's following a "slow carb" diet, and is trying to get his parents off statins and carbs. I can't take credit for this though, it's all due to Tim Ferris. I hope that it will be the gateway drug to primal/paleo, since I am not a fan of Ferris's cheat days or legumes. But it's way better than the way he used to eat.)

                            I've been thinking about contacting some of the paleo/low carb physicians in my area to see if they could use an NP.
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                              Originally posted by superdeluxe View Post
                              I'm a WHNP/ANP.

                              I've been thinking about contacting some of the paleo/low carb physicians in my area to see if they could use an NP.
                              Thanks for replying. Sorry for my lack of acronyms, but what's WHNP/ANP stand for?