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    Hi PrimalToad! I subbed ya on youtube and commented. I hope to win so I can purchase Marks recipe book and WWGF book. Thanks for the opportunity.



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      Originally posted by NicoleP View Post
      It doesn't have that many calories. It only has about 150 for a whole can. There is a lot of tuna juice in it that tastes really good and its a tuna steak not chunk tuna. I usually add olive oil to it or make spicy tuna salad which has a lot of extra fat calories (recipe in recipe section). You can look at a close up of the can on amazon and if you have a Fresh Market anywhere near you they carry it there. It is a bit more expensive there but you could try it out to see if you like it before commiting to 12 cans.
      Ehh that is rather expensive then. That would be $1.27 per 100 calories. But it would be a great idea to then add 2 TBSP of olive oil since that is super cheap - ends up not being too bad when you look at it that way. I buy canned Wild Alaskan Salmon at Costco for just less than $12. You get 6 cans and each can is 180 calories.

      That makes it about $1.10 per 100 calories. So, the tuna isnt terrible - its a convenience food. I may try a 12 pack soon. Its always good to have canned fish on hand when you don't have meat ready.
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