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  • Primal Longevity Question

    I've read over at wikipedia that our primals had an average life span of just 29...

    Life expectancy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    what are the reasons for such thing ?

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    Likely because they were slower than the dinosaurs. Kidding aside, it was just a more dangerous time. The shorter life span doesn't seem to be diet related but more environmentally related. More dangerous times and less of an idea on how to mitigate those dangers.
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      First of all... the wikipedia link quotes paleolithic people having an average lifespan of 33. Not 29. Also, as your link says, life expectancy increased to 39-54 years if an individual lived to age 15.

      Infant mortality was included in that number, and infant mortality rates were much higher than you'd expect. There was no modern medicine. High risk of injury and infectious diseases due to lifestyle and natural habitat. If you broke your leg hunting wild game, you'd probably be dead soon thereafter. No wheelchairs, braces, and antibiotics in paleolithic times! Populations were also subject to environmental circumstance (drought, flood, fire, etc.)

      The lifespan of modern humans is much higher... we keep our elderly tucked away in nursing homes and they wheel their oxygen tanks to bingo. Infants are placed on life support for several months and receive surgeries to correct abnormalities that would otherwise result in death. Simple!


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        Advances in public health are largely responsible for the rise in average life expectancy. There were always people that got really old it's just a much higher percentage of any given cohort that does now.

        In fact, as you get older your life expectancy actually increases: Life Expectancy - Understanding Life Expectancy Tables
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