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Traveling Primal: Please Advise!!

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  • Traveling Primal: Please Advise!!

    I am going to France for 2 weeks this summer and I am a little anxious about following cultural norms (not offending anyone) while staying primal. I am chaperoning a group of students so they will be following my lead. My understanding is that most continental breakfasts in France are pastries or cereal. Does anyone have experience traveling grok-like in France?

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    Indeed, most French eat bread and butter with jam for breakfast. Depending on where you're staying you may also be offered soft boiled eggs and/or yoghurt. You may also get a selection of meat and cheese to put on your bread, in which case you can eat the meat, sans. Ordering at restaurants is easier, plenty of fish, meat, veggies, real butter, etc . . . If you don't want to offend tell them you're gluten intolerant and ask if you could just have a soft cooked egg and perhaps some ham. Most places will be fairly accommodating.
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      A lot of places in France offer petit dejeuner Anglais or English breakfast for their customers from across the channel. This generally includes sausage and eggs. Worth a try.


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        Never been to France but I'd think you could get an omlette...