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Alternates to Vibram for people with weird feet!

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  • Alternates to Vibram for people with weird feet!

    First time posting, long time watcher.

    Sounds like a silly title but I think it is a good question to address.

    Before I get to the guts of my questions and the why, a quick background, because I am pretty proud. Gained 100 pounds in 1.5 years and another 30+lbs. subsequently, before this I was in superior shape and lived a super healthy, protein\carb based diet (sarcasm... now that I see the light). You know the drill 6 meals a day, low glycemic....Blah, Blah, Blah! Hit a hurdle in life and and the pounds packed on...FAST! As of today, several years after the weight gain and 8 months into my living primal transformation, I have lost 70 lbs so far, good muscle gains, decent cardio health (even at 305lbs, this morning's weigh in) for example I study 2 martial arts (Kun Gek Do and Tai Ji Quan) a minimum of twice a week each but most of the time 3 or four times a week each, sprints twice a week (up a steep hill are a personal favorite), and large compound weight movements on Mons., Weds, and Fridays. I love squats, clean jerks, dead lifts and overhead presses, 8 months ago I dreaded them. So far so good, but now its time to work in some bare foot exercises besides the Kun Gek Do. However, I have a problem, as a teen I was diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, here's a link:

    Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease - PubMed Health

    Anyways I have some seriously ugly and deformed feet. Sad but true and and the while I suffer from the pain associated with the disease it is something I have lived with for a long time and I am quite used to. My pain though is always greatly exacerbated by shoes and sneakers, that's probably why I love barefoot martial arts and walk barefoot anyplace I am allowed to or I won't get hurt. Anyways, I figured I would give the Vibrams (or ape shoes as my friends called them) a shot. I had my feet measured at a local runners store, anecdotaly one foot is a 38- 39 the other a 41-42. One problem, Vibrams don't fit, they just can't accommodate my deformity and my toes just wont fit due to their unique shape. I was looking to alternatives that are close but without the toes =(.

    Thoughts or suggestions? Anyone else familiar with my predicament? I was looking at the runAmok as a possible option, but if I invest in barefoot shoes I want to do it right. What do you guys and gals think?


    *Edit* Any shoe companies out there willing to sell me one shoe size for one foot and another shoe size for the other?
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    I also have...unique...feet and can't wear Vibrams - some of my toes are just too stubby to stay in the toe pockets. Plus, my right foot is a full size larger than the left one. *sigh*

    I've heard good things about the Merrell Trail Glove, as well as the New Balance WT101 (MT101 if you're a dude). Vivo Barefoot is another minimal shoe company but they're a little pricier. I haven't tried any of them yet, and am still just running in my Brooks Green Silence racing flats. They're fabulous and light, but have a bit more heel to toe drop than a true minimalist shoe.

    Anyway, good luck, and definitely let me know if you find a company willing to sell you two different sized shoes!
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      Ballet Shoes - Jack Lalanne used them (maybe not get the bright & shiny ones)

      these seem popular too
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        As far as mismatched shoe sizes...there used to be a place that was a matchmaking service for odd shoe sizes. They would find your "sole mate" so to speak. As I recall it didnt save you any money on shoes YOU specifically wanted but you got lots of other pairs of shoes for free when you traded mismatches.
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          Soft star moccasins.

          Russell moccasins.

          Terra Plana shoes.

          Huaraches from Luna/make your own.



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            Check out Richard's post on Minimalist shoes on a budget. Will probably be more forgiving of foot size mismatches, and if not inexpensive enough that you could buy 2 pairs without paying too much.


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              You got some tough feet to fit, try DIY Five Fingers


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                  I agree with trying the Merrell Barefoot collection, they have been referred to as the 'mitten' version of VFF they have the same Vibram material for the soles.

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                    Merrell Pace Glove - they look like Mary Janes and rock. I want a brown pair so I can wear them to work and MATCH! As opposed to currently wearing black shoes with brown pants.
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                      Thanks for the advice. I am going to try a couple and see which ones win. Love the mismatched shoes link too! Thanks again.


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                        I have misshapen feet as well. For warm weather, I use invisible shoes and for colder weather (though I've from Southern California, so...dont' make fun) I use soled slippers (they're cheap, warm, and I can feel the road). It works so far, though the invisible shoe design, with the string between the toes, is getting on my nerves lately, so I might be rethinking.

                        The sock shoe looks like an excellent idea!
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