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    after a couple of months with my new method of trying to deal w/ this stupid rosacea, i think i have finally found it. I have tried seabuckthorn oil and some other stuff but it didn't work.

    i gave up and just started to use Prosacea from CVS. It has parabens and all kinds of krap i don't like but it works. The main active ingredient is sulfur, so i bought a sulfur soap. This of course, dries the skin out so i started using 3 drops of organic argan oil too. This combo, daily, has made remarkable improvements. Really, i can hardly tell that i have the rosacea anymore and before that, my face was uncontrollably red with random breakouts. Those breakouts were really really annoying b/c i have always had good skin so this is just entirely new ground. Anyway --

    i'm considering trying just the sulfur soap and the argan oil and see what happens. I really don't like using the prosacea but i haven't found anything similar w/o all the yuk ingredients.

    just wanted to share b/c i am so delighted to finally after almost a year, to find something that alleviates this horrid condition.


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      My fiance's rosacea has almost entirely healed since going mostly Primal. He still has a few visible veins by his nose, but that's no worse than the birth-marks some unaffected people have. He still has a slight blotchiness to his blush, but you wouldn't guess he ever had rosacea itself.
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