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  • I somehow got roped into doing bodyrock ( is the site). I'm doing the 30 day challenge they did in Feb. While, I don't know about doing every single day of the challenge if you're a beginner, I do have to say that I'm surprised at how effective it has been. And, all I have is a pair of 5lbs dumbbells and a jump rope (which you don't even need for this). There are modifications for everything they do.

    Yeah, that probably sounded like an ad, but I'm just saying there are alternatives. I hate gyms. I do my strength training at home with almost no equipment. You don't have to join a gym, you just have to get creative. :-)


    • The kids are asleep, and no one's here to entertain me Dammit!
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      • GOTD: Pouring rain all day yesterday, kept us all inside.. rain called for all week. I am never going to get crap done outside this week I am off if it rains all the time. grrr

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        • Originally posted by Maureen M View Post
          My other GOTD: for some reason certain kinds of filtered water, no matter how much of it I drink, makes my mouth and throat dry. WTF you be putting in my water that makes it the OPPOSITE of thirst quenching????????????
          Which kinds?
          Read this, anyway. How Much Water Should YOU Drink? – 180 Degree Health
          You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


          • Very interesting. I've never been one to drink more than a glass or two of water (in addition to the coffee or tea I drink during the day), unless I'm really thirsty. If I drank the so called recommended 8 glasses a day, I'd never leave the bathroom.


            • Originally posted by BarefootPuffin View Post

              Lovely thunderstorm rolling through southern Oklahoma today...Begging for me to get out and go for a run, yet work keeps me chained to my desk eating blackberries and heavy cream for breakfast. WHY WHY WHY?
              Going to have to +1 this. It's no better in Tulsa either. But hey, it's Spring Break, of course the weather is sh*t in Oklahoma!

              Glad to see a couple fellow Okies here.
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              • Left knee hurts. Was practicing some one legged squats after TRX class last night and.....ow.


                • GOTD: Something's wrong with my tonsils, and isn't going away, so I have to go to the doctor, who will probably put me on antibiotics. Blahhhh!!! My body is working now, and they are going to screw it all up.

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                  • Originally posted by hottierockstar View Post
                    gotd: cauliflower "rice" YUCK!

                    Chop up cauliflower; put in roasting pan; drizzle generously with mayo (homemade is best); sprinkle a little seasoning salt; cover with foil and bake in hot oven (425) for about 30 minutes; take off foil and stir; bake uncovered for 5 - 10 minutes longer ~ or until your desired tenderness.

                    BEST CAULIFLOWER EVER!
                    It makes me sad that people are trying hard to do the right thing but failing because they have the wrong information.
                    Without question, bacon is the most interesting meat in the world, and if it were capable of original thought, we wouldn't even be having an election this November in America. We would simply appoint bacon as our forever leader and live dutifully under its rule.


                    • Dear Friend of Friend,

                      Really? You taught your preschooler how to name-drop that Mommy is friends with Jessica Alba? Wow.

                      With astonishment,
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                      • GOTD: having multiple forums to manage. just when i get out they keep bringing me back in.

                        Additional GOTD: Why is it that my back fat disappears all in one night but my scale increases?
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                          • GOTD: Bought myself a doorway pullup bar and sadly, I can't even do one. In fact, I can't get close. I'm a bit disappointed by that. Got friends who are asking me "How many can you do?" and I have to answer "None..." ::shakes head:: Oh well, as with everything else, it'll take work.
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                            • Originally posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
                              Usually the filtered water from the water cooler at work, or most types of bottled water. I think they do something in the filtering process. Like add theory is in bottled water they add sodium to make you drink more of their shitty bottled water. When I drink tap water it disappears...


                              • GOTD:

                                In an emotionally dark place thanks to some news I was afraid of, but was entirely expecting. Taking my ass for a long run to run to deal with this issue alone. Yep. 12-15 miles oughta do it. If not, I'll be too tired to deal with it tonight anyway.
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