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  • Originally posted by AmyMac703 View Post
    I need one of those signs that says "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again."
    There's one on my route that says: "Trespassers will be violated"

    Gotta love it!


    • My coconut oil has melted. This has gotten ridiculous.


      • Originally posted by Sudenveri View Post
        My coconut oil has melted. This has gotten ridiculous.
        Mine too.


        • my bone broth us not turning out.. damn it!

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          What am I doing? Depends on the day.


          • Originally posted by geostump View Post
            You win.
            Grand prize - heat stroke! This evening I'm inside though, scrubbing a vast expanse of tile. I can think of a much better use for knee pads.
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            • Living situation makes me depressed. Being depressed makes me not want to work. Not working is keeping me from moving out.

              And repeat...

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              • ffffffuuuuu crazy drivers trying to hook around me and go forward, despite the fact that I've taken the lane and clearly signaled I'm going left. I really wish bicycles came with mounted weapons.
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                • Originally posted by Chaohinon View Post
                  ffffffuuuuu crazy drivers trying to hook around me and go forward, despite the fact that I've taken the lane and clearly signaled I'm going left. I really wish bicycles came with mounted weapons.
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                  • I like your signature:


                    • after taking close inventory of my Lucchese cowboy boots, i discover that the 2 pairs of really expensive "Handmade" actually don't fit me as well as the 2 pairs of less expensive 1883 models. Feeling really stupid that i spent nearly twice as much on the handmade ones!


                      • This is my first week or two on pb and am now starting to get the carb flu... Have had a horrible migraine since I woke up! NOTHING is helping


                        • overnight, tomato eating caterpillars found my plants on the deck and stripped them bare. i am PEECED.
                          yeah you are

                          Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


                          • Dear sister,

                            Please stop bringing over ice cream, cookies, garlic bread, pizza, fried cheese sticks, fresh tortilla chips and leaving it here for us when you leave.

                            You know that I eat to soothe. You know that I eat because it's there. And you know that I was fucking diabetic.

                            It's not cute, so cut it the fuck out.

                            Your sister

                            Do yourself a favor and become your own savior.
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                            • I got a driver's sunburn today, which I'm blaming on the two-hour round trip to the farmer's market. Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil have soothed it pretty well, though (and my shoulder smells pleasantly of coconut now). And, of course, all that lovely meat and produce was well worth it.


                              • I like my solitary time. That's why I take an extra day of vacation at the end of my vacation so I can have the house to myself for a day. I just spent a week with my parent-in-laws, some of my children and grandchildren, and my husband at the beach. I didn't even get to spend my last afternoon on the beach because my husband drank too much beer and not enough water while on his sailboat and came back to the house on the edge of heat exhaustion and I had to remain with him (temp was about 100° F with heat index about 121° f). The entire time we're on "vacation" I feel like a mediator, because husband has to bitch and snipe about his parents or our son-in-law (who is sometimes obnixious and freaking cheap). We don't really invite the Ps, they basically invite themselves after we invited them the second year we did this and they assume that they are invited in perpetuity and husband can't tell them not this time. This year they decided to stay longer than usual.

                                On top of all that, I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and felt like crap. I couldn't even get the entire day today to myself. Husband decided not to go into work until later. Just had to get this off my chest. Thanks for listening.

                                On top of all this, my best tomato crop ever has blossom end rot....sheesh
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