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Sudden, depressing weight gain

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  • Sudden, depressing weight gain

    I have posted about this ongoing depressing situation in my journal, and I know on an intellectual level that this is probably due to just a Perfect Storm of events that have happened to come together at the same time, but, come on...

    In the past week I have gained FIVE POUNDS. And I'm not trying to gain weight.

    I realize there are many, many reasons for going/staying primal and it's not like I'm going to abandon this new way of living for...what? Going back to eating the crap diet I was eating in December? But I really do need to lose weight. I have a heart problem (A-Fib) and borderline high blood pressure that needs to be controlled. I get to lose weight or go on more meds. I choose lose weight. Besides, I want to be able to do more, and weighing less makes that possible.

    Here's the tale: Started at 189 pounds on Jan. 3. Last Monday was at my lowest (176). Today weighed in at 181.

    Food details: Eating no grains, no legumes, some dairy (no milk, Greek yogurt a few days a week, raw milk cheese a few days a week), nuts a few days a week, 85% dark chocolate "as needed" (try to limit it to one small square a day at most), no alcohol, no "primal baked good" or other treats. I eat good fats (coconut oil, avocados, olive oil) and meat (about 4-8 oz. a day) and eggs. Tons of vegetables (typically a BAS every day, some steamed vegetables at dinner, make a big veggie soup each week for lunches, raw veggies with lunch and dinner if no salad) and I might have fruit once a week (an apple or a few berries) once or twice a week, if that.

    Here's the situation: Should be starting my period sometime soon. (I'm perimenopausal, so it's a guessing game). Have been primal only a month or so, so maybe my hormones are adapting due to that, too. And the Big Deal right now: I started a new workout and got in trouble with a trainer who pushed and I was too wimpy to tell him no. Not just muscle soreness, but muscle pain. This is ongoing since Thursday. I read you can retain 3 to 4 pounds of water weight in muscles dealing with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, so that is probably the biggest part of it.

    I don't know what I want from anyone. Maybe just some support or to know if you have been through this. Right now I am just eating normally and hoping things get back on track. I can't believe that my weight is going to just keep going up and up when, until now, it has been on a downward trend eating this way.

    BTW, I'm not eating more or differently than before. I had one day where I ate a lot more, but that passed and things are back on track.

    What the heck is going on? Is it really just water retention? Should I just hang in there and figure I'll just lose it all again overnight (or over a couple of days) pretty soon?
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    Your period is coming soon, right? I always gain five pounds of water weight during that time. Actually it's not uncommon for my weight to fluctuate up and down five pounds on any given day. If you haven't been eating a bunch of crap, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about.


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      Get. rid. of. your. scale.
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        *calming voice* breathe. Do NOT panic!


        First - you list reasons yourself for exactly the sort of weight gain you have recorded. PMS, DOMS - both classic "fluid retention" issues. SO - you know you have an explanation. You also know yu are "eating right" and that you are still adapting to all this - and changing so many things simultaneously that its tough to see which caused what.

        Second. "glass half full moment". You have lost - even with the "weight you just gained" - 8lbs in 7 weeks. Not too shabby. Do that for a year- no weight problem!

        Third. To kind of contradict what I just wrote above. STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF. Ok, not everyone agrees - this is my opinion not a hard and fast "I claim to have the magic answer", but I think the biggest gift you can give yourself for at LEAST 3 months (and possibly forever) is to hide the scales. Saves all the insanity of worrying about the sort of flutuations we women get - daily in most cases, monthly for damn sure. You are NOT a set of numbers.

        I know you have a sense of urgency becasue of your health issues, but stressing over "weight" - can that help??

        Fourth. Another one you know - you might have also changed body comp - not to explain a "sudden increase" but another part of the complex mix.

        I think for the first month I may have gained weight (not using scales) but I could also simply have been panicking because I was "EATING FAT for gods sake, so I'm bound to be blowing up like a balloon". I am actually glad I didn't weigh myself. If it HAD gone up at all - I don't know that I would have kept going. BUT now I know without benefit of the scale that my body IS changing. Not the dramatic stuff some people get - but its noticeable apparently.

        I don't know if this is what you are looking for? I am overall saying - in a reassuring voice - that yes, you should hang in there.
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          sleep, meditation, sunlight
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            also the muscle thing. When you have muscle pain like that after starting to work out or a heavy work out, some experts say that when you tear the muscle down it fills with water/fluid before beginning to rebuild.

            Maybe the people like Al K can chime in on that.


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              Originally posted by Dragonfly View Post
              Get. rid. of. your. scale.
              This. Stop measuring your progress by an arbitrary number. Concentrate on how you feel. If you MUST have numbers, don't weigh more than once a week tops, once a month preferably. Use a measuring tape, the way your clothes fit, and how you are feeling (energy? sleep? concentration abilities?) to measure your progress.

              Throw the scale in the garbage, and don't buy another one.
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