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pounding heart and weird heart sensations

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  • pounding heart and weird heart sensations

    I started the PB 3 weeks ago and ever since I've been having weird heart sensations like my heart is not beating properly and pounding out of my chest. I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse many years ago and will get the occasional chest pain here and there but nothing like this. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this? Also it seems like my anxiety has come back the 2nd week eating primally. I wonder if its my body adjusting to the change? before this i used to eat alot of carbs like white potatoes and pasta....
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    Years ago, when I first went on Atkins induction, I got heart palpitations. It was never formally diagnosed, I just researched it and figured it was potassium deficiency. I went back to eating the carbs, and it got better. Then I actually READ THE BOOK, lol, and I went on induction again with no issues. Anyway, I'm going to assume you've actually read the PB. If you're doing VLC, maybe add in some more carbs. Have a banana. And if it doesn't get better, go to your dr. Heart issues are nothing to mess around with.

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      I was diagnosed with an 'apparent MVP" (same symptoms you are complaining of) what they meant was that my body thought it was dehydrated because of an electrolyte imbalance. At the time I was eating CW healthy and trying very hard to lose weight. My diet was very 'healthy', and thus very low in salt/sodium. They encouraged me to drink Gatorade to fix the problem, which was not acceptable to me...too many calories. After doing some research I discovered that using sea salt might help, so I started adding it to my meals, and it worked like a charm.

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        a slug of soy sauce was at one time my quick fix. Gross, yes but it worked.


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          Coconut water is good for electrolytes too.
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            I usually get some of those type of symptoms when reducing carbs dramatically. I definitely have to add sea salt and I also find that a magnesium supplement helps.

            Withdrawing from carbs is the closest think I have to compare to drug rehab. I have had some pretty severe withdrawal symptoms. The first time I went off carbs cold turkey, I was convinced I was going to die of a heart attack if I didn't get some carbs.
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              Originally posted by cosmikdebris View Post
              I started the PB 3 weeks ago and ever since I've been having weird heart sensations like my heart is not beating properly and pounding out of my chest. I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse many years ago and will get the occasional chest pain here and there but nothing like this. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this? Also it seems like my anxiety has come back the 2nd week eating primally. I wonder if its my body adjusting to the change? before this i used to eat alot of carbs like white potatoes and pasta....
              You are describing some type of heart arrythmia (atrial or ventrical fibrillation). While the fibrillations in and of themselves may be relatively harmless (though they can initiate a heart attack under the right conditions), the real risk lies in the high potential for forming blood clots. If and when these blood clots break loose, a stroke or embolism becomes inevitable.

              I used to think my heart palpitations were due to electrolyte deficiencies like potassium, magnesium, and calcium. I supplemented and they indeed did seem to go away for almost a year. The palpitations returned about a month ago and I was diagnosed with both atrial fibrillation (left atrium) and atrial flutter (right atrium). Google "A-Fib". I've been placed on blood thinners (ie. rat poison) and other really nasty drugs in preparation for a catheter ablation procedure in the next month or two. Having to take these drugs and have this procedure sucks. But I suppose it would suck even more to have a stroke or heart attack.

              You should strongly consider getting yourself checked out by a cardiologist.

              PS - I should also mention that you should act on this sooner rather than later; as the length of time you let this go on without addressing it, the more difficult (and expensive) it becomes to treat and/or cure it (the ablation procedure can have a 90% chance for a cure if acted on in the early stages of this condition -- otherwise, it can become a lifelong health management issue with those nasty drugs I mentioned previously and also unexpected and costly visits to the hospital to electric shock your heart back into normal sinus rhythm).
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                I've been keto for about a week now and am having the same symptoms. Last night and the night before. My husband had the same problem the other night. The only thng we did differnet to each other last night ( when only I was effected was I had 1/2 a ltre of water in the evening. Did this dilute my blood volume? and was thins enogh to make this happen?
                I t feels like the release of adrenaline the is caused apparently by my body when there's not enough glucose in the blood stream.
                This am it was still going like a train and my blood pressure was at a high normal range. I have had a slug of coconut fat as that should provide instant fuel, and just drank a cup of broth with extra potasium So-Lo salt in.
                I think that may have done the trick as i'm feeling calmer and not so revved up.
                I realy like my low carbing, it's the first time I've ever felt in control of my food and not food controlling me. I have lost a good deal of weight in a short time on it and would hate to have to give it up.
                Do you think I'm stupid to continue.. I've raised my carbs (from 50g) to about 100g amd eating about 80-100gprotein and the rest as good fats about 150g a day depending on excersize. Until now I felt truly awsome on this regime, but have lost confidence in wether it's safe to continue or not.


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                  So you suddenly cut off the carbs. Yes, you will feel very bad. The question is, how to handle it?

                  For me personally, a high carb diet doesn't work biologically and combined there are some addictive eating behaviors. I use Smarties to get my blood sugar up when needed (they are a form of quick acting sugar that is the same as in the tablets made for diabetics) without triggering my addictive behavior- it is a medical treatment, not "food."

                  If you are not familiar with what your blood sugar is and have the funds to support it, buying a monitor (you can get them at any drug store) and intensive tracking for a little while can be extremely helpful.

                  And, if these conditions don't respond to getting some sugar, see a doctor immediately.

                  (Yes, this is a copy past from when someone asked the exact same question less than 24 hours ago, but since absolutely nothing has changed...)
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                    Weird, for me all my heart rythm issues disappeared when I started doing PB and as soon as I'm eating something high carb they return. I have been a heart patient for 10 years now and am doing really well, especially now the last of my issues are gone as well due to PB.
                    The quickest way to get rid of them is to run up a stairs or cough a few times really deeply. It forces your heart into a different rythm. I would also advise you to get yourself checked. You didn't mention if you are male or female but if you are a woman heart rythm issues usually start shortly before meno-pause or a bit earlier. They can be silent killers.

                    In the mean time diet wise I can give you the following advise:
                    - make sure you drink enough water (1,5l to 2l.) more will counter act everything, too little and your body will stress out.
                    - Make sure that you are eating between 2000mg and 6000mg of sodium a day. My doctor wanted me between 1500mg and 2000mg so my meds work optimum.
                    - Get your electrolytes tested and eat according to optimize them.
                    - stay away from gluten and refined sugar for a while but eat enough carbs. (between 50 and 150 grams a day on average) I don't do low carb as on those days I feel god-awful, try to hit the sweet spot of 50 to 100 grams. If you want to do keto (ketones are actually good for your heart muscle) ease into it slowly. don't do rash changes in your diet all at ones.
                    - Get an hour a day to relax. Read a book, write, play a low stress game, just take time to do nothing of importance.
                    - get your blood work checked for low red blood cells, your body might need more iron. also vitamin D and Magnesium are important to your heart. make sure you get enough of them.

                    good luck but continue with caution.
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                      I think you should visit your doctor. S/he may want to do a test such as a holster monitor to see what your heart is up to.

                      I have a health condition (POTS) where my heart beats too fast mostly in response to posture change, but also other factors such as dehydration. I have low blood volume, so I have to consume a ton of fluid. The thing about this is, if I'm not careful, I can wash out too many electrolytes and I start getting palpitations like you're describing. I have learned electrolytes use one another balance each other out and do their thing, so you want to get plenty of all of them. You can easily get these levels checked by your doctor.

                      If you're interesting in learning how to up your intake of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and magnesium) here's more info...
                      Sodium is pretty easy to take care of.
                      There are primal friendly foods high in potassium such as spinach and Swiss chard. A cup of either has about 25% of your daily requirement. Scroll down to the chart on this page for more food ideas:
                      Nature always seems to know what it is doing... The cup Swiss chard or spinach also contains 35-40% of your daily magnesium. I know this isn't primal, but I love my Epsom salt baths! Here's a page with info on magnesium: