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Feeling really warm at night?

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  • Feeling really warm at night?

    I've been close to 100% primal for a couple months now, but a couple weeks ago I drastically increased my fat intake, switching from mostly poultry to much fattier meats. I also started Vitamin D 10,000 IU/day, just for the sake of total disclosure.

    So sometime in the past couple of weeks I started feeling much warmer at night. Our house is a near constant 58 degrees in winter, and I'm used to freezing all day and needing four blankets and long pants and a sweatshirt to sleep. Now I still freeze all day, but at night I've been sleeping nude with a single comforter. What? Does the increased fat have anything to do with this? Is the vitamin D along with waking up with the sunrise aligning my circadian rhythm better? I know body temp changes throughout the day by a few degrees, but that doesn't seem like enough to have such a drastic change.

    Any thoughts?

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    I've noticed the same phenomenon. It happened for me after going very low carb, about 6 weeks ago, 2 months after going Primal.

    I'd already been taking 8,000 IUs of D for a year.

    No idea why--assumed it might be the increased fat burning!
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      +1 for me too!
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        I am just going to my experience into the mix.

        When I'm fasting, I'm cold.
        When I'm eating normal to a lot, I am normal to a bit warmer body temp.
        When I eat coconut fats I get really hot and I SWEAT!


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          Oh okay cool, I'm not alone. Thanks guys. Definitely not complaining, although I'm curious what hot summer nights will be like. I'm hoping the only change will be my lower body fat % keeping me cooler. Fingers crossed, that would be great.


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            Very interesting—like lcme said, when I'm fasting, I'm usually cold (which is unusual for me). But after I've eaten, I feel normal. I've been hot a few nights since going primal, and especially since I started using coconut milk. It's nice to know it isn't just me. And I do hope it's increased fat burning!
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              Glad you asked that. I'm 2 and a bit weeks into a VLC whole30 with lots of fat and the last couple of days my cheeks have been burning after I ate my evening meal!

              I can't really tolerate coconut oil- it makes my hands and feet feel hot which gives me restless legs at night.
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                question: WHY so much vitamin D? Have you had your levels checked via blood test? 2000 to 4000 should be sufficient unless your grossly deficient. Maybe do some research on the effects of too much. ????
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                  I've been feeling colder, but that probably has to with with the fact that I've lost so much insulating body fat! 100 lbs ago I could walk outside in the snow in jeans and a t-shirt, but now I can get pretty darn cold.