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  • Still no Sixpack

    Hey guys!

    I know you don't get a sixpack in 6 weeks, but let me just tell you, that I lost 12kg/26.45lbs -- I went from 82kg/180.77lbs to 70kg/154lbs in just a few months (maybe 3-4?).
    I am not Primal for 4 months, but dieted before that as well.

    Anyways, I am 18 years old and about 177cm/5.80feet.
    When I stand in front of the mirror, you can see a shade of abs, when I flex, you can see them. But there is still a little bit of fat, down on the bottom, which is weird, because I have lost so much weight and wasn't really fat before that, I just wanted to live healthier and drop bodyfat%.
    I already lost muscle as well, so I am kinda scared I will become too skinny.

    Any suggestions and help?

    PS: I'm fully Primal, except for getting wasted on the weekens 1-2 times! And even then I don't eat, at least no crap!
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    The hardest exercise of them all: patience.

    Also, sprint. Sprint uphill once a week for 10 repetitions. Strength training 2x a week. Sleep and eat the rest of the time, maybe play or have sex, that seems to help too.
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      Got a friend (he's not paleo) who is about the same weight as you (but is about 5'10"). He is fairly active (does an incredible amount of ab work) and has an EXTREMELY low BF%, like some bf% scales can't even read him, definitely under 8% bf. I'm definitely fatter than him (almost to my target bf% though) but you can probably see my abs more. I am stronger though. It's either you have to make them bigger (of course make sure you workout the rest of your body just as much for balance) or your genetics don't allow for nice abs. Sprints are good like iniQuity said and crossfit for fast results.


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        So you're 18 and getting wasted 1-2 times a weekend?,,,,,,, first,,,,,, stop that, you don't need it and no one has EVER became a better person by getting "wasted".

        For good abs you need strength training, and have you ever noticed the abs on olympic sprinters,,,,, sprinting is great muscle building exercise.


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          That is so true about the patience. I am having a mental vision of where I want to be in a few months, and than 6 months than at a year. I just want to have the core strength to pop up on my surfboard again. I am thinking of throwing in some sit-ups tomorrow, I heard that the strength comes from the core.


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            Go lift some weights.


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              Timothy Ferris in 4 hour body says BF% below 12% and a myotic crunch with 'cat vomiting' exercise does that to him and it is the only way he managed to get 6 pack showing (as opposite to being there). Dunno how helpful it is.
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                Start lifting heavy things. Try Stronglifts, or Starting Strength.


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                  Do you lift weights?


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                    Traintolive, we are almost the same height and weight. I will tell you that I have slowly moved closer to having abs over the past two years. I started primal/paleo in 2010, at about 175 pounds. I have gotten down to 150 pounds, but still no defined six pack. To really see abs, you have to get the fat off, and it takes time and patience. Intermittent fasting and cycling carbs has helped me using a Leangains approach. Some people are able to get abs without any effort, but for me I have to really track things.


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                      It really does help to build the muscles up. When they push out, they become more visible. Look in the mirror, then drop and do a good ab work-out, and look again. They're probably puffy and visible now. If you can eventually manage good hypertrophy, they'll keep looking better and better. Some of us are lucky and our bodies just throw muscle on. I'm on that boat, so I can't speak for hard gainers. Cutting fat is only half the work. Adding muscle is arguably the same half.
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