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Primal baby food?

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  • Primal baby food?

    Does anyone have any ideas on primal baby food? Obviousy fresh fruits and veggies but what can I replace the oatmeal or rice cereal with??

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    Why do you need to replace oatmeal and rice cereal? Yams, carrots, squash, bananas, etc. should provide carbs and more nutrients than oats or rice.
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      Hedonist is right.
      My 18 month old loves bacon and eggs for breakfast! In fact if she sees that i have bacon on my plate she comes running...
      Parsnips also make a great breakfast. They are naturaly sweet and with butter and cinnamon they're great.


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        MEAT is primal baby food. With the possible exception of avocadoes, it's the only food you can give them from which the nutrients will be adequately absorbed AND which has greater caloric density than breastmilk. Liver and bone marrow are extra-special-good for babies.

        Babies can happily scarf soft meats (stewed meat, any chicken or turkey, liver, confited duck, etc.) from whenever they're ready for more than breastmilk (ie, sitting unassisted, sporting a tooth or two, and able to feed themselves with their hands).

        ETA: veggies and fruit are fine too. But they don't have anywhere NEAR the nutritional bang-for-the-buck that breastmilk does, so be aware that you're filling the little tum with something that's going to take up space that could be filled with breastmilk, and if you overdo the veg, the weight gain's going to slow considerably. Veg and fruit should be just for fun until about age one.

        ETA again: not that most North American babies need to worry much about weight gain. But if you've been exclusively breastfeeding and you introduce too many low-calorie solids too quickly, your baby may not nurse as much as he/she needs to and could fall off the growth curve, which tends to make doctors freak out and order you to stuff the poor thing with cereal.
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          look up baby-lead weaning.


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            EVen before I was primal I only fed my first baby rice or oat cereal. After that I realized it was such a waste of nutrition. We have four children total, all are perfectly healthy and weren't forced to eat that crap!

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              Thank you all fo your advice!! We are starting to plan for a family so I was just curious to see my options because I do not want to feed my baby the CW "crap" so to speak!


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                What Zoebird said. We did baby led weaning with our daughter, so she has never had rice cereal or purees. She started off eating steamed veg, avocado, banana and soft meat. She's almost 2 now and will eat literally anything, which is great! There are many recipes online for baby led weaning type food too.


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                  +1 for the baby-led weaning. We'll be starting it in about 2 weeks.


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                    And when you do introduce solids, NURSE FIRST! Nursing is the MEAL, solids are for tastes and textures, not nutrition until about a year.
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                      +1 to all of this! You're getting great info.

                      I might add only to offer 'odd' tastes/textures NOW whilst the palate is forming, so that it won't be 'weird' later-sauerkraut, yogurt, cod liver oil, offal, coconut oil/milk, I'm sure others will have more suggestions for stuff like that.

                      Feed as many flavors/textures as you can come up with so that 'sweet' isn't all they know.
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