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Need Advice From Anyone Who Cooks NON-Primal for Others! (Mothers.. wives?)

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  • Need Advice From Anyone Who Cooks NON-Primal for Others! (Mothers.. wives?)

    Hello all - after conquering the sugar monster, following all your advice, and become strictly PB.. I am having one problem.
    Don't worry, it's not that I cook SAD for my kids (non to speak of!) - or even for a husband..
    I spend 4hours straight cooking a day for three kids, because I am a nanny. Now, I am lucky (and thrilled) that they rarely eat grains and are currently on a diet similar to PB. The only problem is.. NUTS. They have made, I feel, the cardinal mistake by replacing grains with nuts. Almost every day I am required to cook breads/sweets/crackers/even dinners that require copious amoutns of nuts. They also have every type of expensive delicious nut-butter you could think of - which I also am req'd to use 4-5 times a day.
    Now, if someone else was cooking it and it was just.. on the table, I'd have no problem, I'd turn it down in a second. But it's that my hands actually come into contact with the food, and that since I don't use recipies (and when I do, they are heavily modified) I always have to taste (although now that I have a reaction to lentils, I never taste even a little). And when I actually have it in my mouth.. there's no going back. Not to toot my own horn, but the food is damn good.
    I now bring primal salads to work and although it's costing me more, I'm fine with that.. It's helped, but not enough. I know that eating so many nuts is what's stalling my weight loss (I don't eat any at home!).

    I'm sure there's got to be some SAHM's, or wives that still cook for their hubbies, other nannies.. or even some chef's (?) who have experienced this.
    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    I'm primal and my husband isn't. He tends to do at least half the cooking though. I know there's a guy here who cooks for his vegetarian non-primal wife, too. Hopefully he'll pop in with some advice. Most of the time he's happy to keep the dinners primal, but I don't mind cooking up a pot of rice or whatever for him. If figure if I'm consistent with my seasoning, basically act as if I'm following a recipe, then I don't need to taste it. He can and tweak if he likes. Maybe the next time you cook these dishes, you can keep track of exactly how much you're using of the ingredients. Then you can confidently put it all together without having to sample it the next time.


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      I try to rely on smell - if it smells good, it probably tastes good. If I need to know for sure if it's good or not, I have someone else taste it, or if it's something that won't make me sick, I'll have a TINY taste.


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        Can you involve the kids? When I make stuff for my step-daughter (who eats almost entirely primal when with us, but not at her other house) I always ask what she thinks anyway since she usually wants stuff sweeter than I do, and let's face it, she has different preferences than I do anyway.

        For instance, I'll make a smoothie with strawberries, plain yogurt, some milk, and half banana, and ask her to taste it and offer nut butter/sweetener (stevia)/cinnamon etc.

        Could you do something like that with kids and make them feel like they "help"? If you're making some sort of bread, say "honies, I'm making this new bread, can you taste it and tell me what you think? Does it need more ___?" and maybe that can help keep you from sticking your finger in it!


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          You have decided you dont need to sample lentil recipes because lentils dont agree with you. Pretty much you'll just have to have some faith in the nut recipes as well.

          Why don't you use recipes? If you have to do this sort of thing on a daily basis, write it down and make it a recipe. Then you wont have to taste any more.

          At some point you have to put the control back in your own hands and just say no. Nobody in my house is even remotely primal. I make grain and legume based meals several times a day. Just say no.
          MTA: because it is rare I dont have more to say

          "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - my daughter Age 7


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            Chew on mint gum while you're cooking; mint and nuts are gross together.


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              Originally posted by jqbancroft View Post
              Can you involve the kids?
              This. My wife (and daughter) are vegetarian and I do virtually all the cooking in my house. My other two kids are happy to eat primal with me (because, you know, meat is awesome) but I essentially have to prepare a vegetarian and primal option every night.

              Like you, I think recipes are a list of suggestions at best and rarely use them. But at the same time, most of the dishes I'm preparing are things I've both made and eaten before, so if there's no funny smell permeating the kitchen, I generally don't bother tasting if it's too non-primal. I just have faith in my cooking skills and plow ahead with whatever coconut seared hunk of flesh I'm making for myself.

              If on the other hand I'm experimenting (which I had to do a fair amount of 6 months ago when my darlings first entered their vegetative state - I'm still hoping one day they'll recover) then yeah, as jqbancroft suggested, I have my kids taste test what I'm working on.

              It's actually a fair system, because if my kids like it, my wife will usually be okay with it (where the reverse is not necessarily true).

              And in a pinch I'll take a small taste myself, but unlike your situation that is a rarity rather than a regular thing.


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                Thank you guys so much! Your right, at some point I need to learn to say NO - I never have these things in my house and have been too busy to be social during my primal turn-over, so eventually I will be stuck in social situations where there will be temptation..

                And I definitely will involve the kids - great advice.