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Maybe my one year old read Mark's book...

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  • Maybe my one year old read Mark's book...

    He slept last night from 9pm-6am. He's only slept through the night ONCE and that was when he was 3.5 months old.

    It's so hard to get my sleep. Even so last night, I woke up multiple times because I think my body is just so used to interrupted sleep. Now I have little hope that this will happen again tonight, but hey, I'll take what I can get! lol

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    Big high five for both of you! I'm crossing my fingers for you that he will keep it up.


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      Good luck!!!! Not sure if this is your first one or not but he may be picking up on your anxiety and that is why he isn't sleeping though the night. I had the same issue with my oldest and at about 8 months, I forced myself to having anxiety when she woke and it worked. The other 2 were much easier to get to sleep through the night. The middle daughter started at 3 months and the youngest the minute we brought her home she would sleep through the night. I hope that helps.