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How do you know when you're no longer insulin resistant?

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  • How do you know when you're no longer insulin resistant?

    Just curious. I was wondering this today in the car and couldn't come up with an answer. How do you know when you have "healed" (is that the right word?) your insulin resistance?? I mean, how can you tell that your body is having a more appropriate insulin response (not overloading) and your muscles and other tissues are utilizing the insulin in a healthy manner? Is it even possible to know?

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    I would hazard a guess at perhaps being able to IF without problem?

    High insulin levels prevent ketosis (as I understand it) so being able to slip seamlessly in and out of ketosis as necessary should indicate a normative insulin response.

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      That was how i knew. I was able to go from dinner until lunch without feeling hypoglycemic or hungry at all.

      Of course if you own a blood glucose monitor it would be when you have normal readings at waking and 1.5-2 hours after a meal.

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        Ahhh excellent!! Then I'll give myself a round of applause for healing that nasty bugger that's been hounding me for twenty years I'm considering getting a monitor just to see what certain foods do to me... see what I can add back into my diet without wreaking havoc. A little dairy perhaps... some additional starchy veg?