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Graves disease info required please.

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  • Graves disease info required please.

    hi guys,
    a friend of mine has just been diagnosed with Graves disease. I know it is an auto-immune disease but thats about it. I recall somewhere on the forums reading about PB helping with a-i problems.
    My friend is of course a bit skeptical of PB, I've probably gone on too much about it to her. But if I can get some good (science, medical) based links I would love to send them to her.
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    It's a condition that causes hyperthyroidism. It is an auto-immune condition that causes abnormal stimulation of the thyroid gland. Basically it puts the person into hyper-metabolism. It's usually treated with radioiodine therapy and steroids and/or anti-thyroid drugs.
    The sufferer has symptoms of nervousness, irritability, and weight loss despite a large appetite. They can also have tachycardia, palpitations, excessive sweating, cramps and heat intolerance.

    That much I'm sure you've managed to find out by yourself. As to PB, any grain, dairy and legume free diet has to help with auto-immunity. I would direct your friend to The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf as he has whole sections of his book dedicated to healing auto-immunity.

    I will hop onto my Uni link later and see if I can find some medical studies for you.
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      low dose naltrexone.

      Very effective for all manner of autoimmune issues. I have hashimotos and it allowed me to cut my thyroid dose by nearly half.
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        My wife had to have her thyroid removed (1/8 is left) due to a thryoid storm. She also has Graves Ophthalmology, which is when your eyes have excess pressure behind them causing them to slightly "bug" out. After about two months on PB she noticed her eyes were receding back to a more normal state. She's gone off again since she's pregnant and meat grosses her out right now, but will definitely be going back.


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            there is a really good book out there that goes over all of the different treatments for graves disease. there are many.

            my personal choice: traditional chinese medicine. there are some studies out of harvard that have shown that the herbal (and other) protocols of traditional chinese medicine solves graves disease.

            my SIL had it, and went for irradiation. in the US (though not in europe), it's the most common treatment, and most doctors know *nothing* about alternative treatments. i would recommend the book (just do a search) to your friend. then she can decide for herself. i bought the book for my sil, but she never read it, and when she brought up TCM to her doctor, he said "meditation isn't going to help." he obviously knows exactly what TCM is. *eye roll*

            this is why i dislike so many doctors.