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anyone else throwing things at the TV while biggest loser is on??

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  • anyone else throwing things at the TV while biggest loser is on??

    in the UK we are approaching the end of the series. I watch it every week - it's "car crash tv", horrible but I can't not look.

    My husband laughs at me as I rave at the telly, I ricochet from anger at the humilitations (filmed in skimpy gear to show every inch of flab, excess skin etc, stuff I would NEVER wear in public, even now I am what most people would describe as slim) to incredulity at the amount of hard cardio these people are doing daily on so few calories. Add to that my now increasing fury that they seem to be starved of all fats, taught appalling food and workout habits that may continue to damage them way after the weight ceases to be a problem - (IF they can resist starvation for life whilst maintaining a MASSIVE amount of exercise) - and I am incandescent with rage by the end.

    All sounds right yes?? BUT do you know there is still a small voice saying "8lbs a week, for several weeks, maybe there's something in this?" and "but surely they couldn't keep saying all this so forcefully if it was all wrong?" And THAT my friends is the final insult. It propogandises CW extremes and the belief that fat people got there thru simple laziness and gluttony (the contestants frequently talk about themselves in this way) and if it can get thru to me after a couple of months of KNOWING its all wrong, what about all the other overweight viewers??

    Just venting - anyone else want to join in??

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    I stopped watching it. The fat-shaming is over the top. They don't deal with the underlying issues. It's been ridiculously co-opted by the diet-industrial complex. The approach is unhealthy and unsustainable. And it perpetuates the idea that people who are overweight are overweight because they're lazy slobs.

    I'm all for train wreck TV, but I just can't continue to support this one.
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      Never seen it.


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        Is there a British version or do y'all get our US version?

        The show is frustrating but I still watch it. I'm a glutton for punishment sometimes LOL
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          Originally posted by kennelmom View Post
          Is there a British version or do y'all get our US version?

          The show is frustrating but I still watch it. I'm a glutton for punishment sometimes LOL
          British version - its a "format" thats been taken up in several countries. Australia have one too.


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            One look at the sponsors makes me not want to watch.
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              There's an interesting three-part interview with Kai Hibbard here about what it's actually like to be on that show:

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                it obviously works for them, as many do lose weight but the torture they put themselves through to do so is horrid and completely unsustainable. I wish they'd do a season trying different methods instead of the torture they go through.

                I hear there's one guy who advocates a method to lose weight and get healthy that's incredibly simple, can't remember his name though...


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                  Oddly enough, I decided to start Primal Blueprint because of that same motivation... (the cash prize was a little too tempting, and my wife was considering a return to Atkins at the time. I decided to try this, and see how it worked instead of Atkins. She jumped on board, and here I am).
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                    Can't watch it. I have recently started watching Heavy on A & E, though. Still too much CW, but not as humiliating and demeaning as Biggest Loser.


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                      Originally posted by Owly View Post
                      There's an interesting three-part interview with Kai Hibbard here about what it's actually like to be on that show:

                      omg. I suspected this was what is happening, but I didn't know, Its horrific! I will send these links to ANYONE who speaks about biggest loser as something they would want to emulate


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                        The worst was the docu about kids at a weight-loss focussed school - I think it was on PBS? And one kid who was quite obese wound up having gall bladder surgery. He was 12 or 13. They noted in the VO that a low-fat diet can cause gallstones. D'oh!


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                          I watch it. I really like htenew trainers on the American version of the show. They do a lot more functional type training with boxing styles workouts, and are seeing even better results than Bob and Jillian.

                          What woul dbe awesome would be to have a version where you put half the contestants on teh CW diet and the other half on TPB. Then come back to them in 5 years, whoever maintains the healthiest lifetsyle at the end of 5 years wins

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                            I haven't watched The Biggest Loser in ages. The last time I watched it, I watched a Finale episode and sat there with a plate of fudgy cookies (flourless chocolate walnut cookies. so good. and so not primal. haha), scarfing them down while exclaiming about how amazing those people were.

                            I did find myself throwing something at the TV the other day, though - it was a commercial about evil grocery taxes and "the government trying to tell us what to feed our children" while a not-entirely-healthy-looking lady heaped a bunch of crappy food choices, including soda, on the grocery conveyor belt.

                            Anybody else see that? I actually yelled at her.


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                              I've watched a show on MTV where they take kids just exiting high school and put them through intense training to get them to lose weight before they go off to the next era of their lives ("I Used To Be Fat"). Some of the subjects lose amazing amounts of weight, like 60 pounds in 100 days. I can't imagine that's good for your liver. One of the things I find really annoying is that they go into pretty much no detail about their diets and spend all the time filming them at the gym during their 4-hour daily training sessions. I get the impression that most of the trainers are emphasizing veg and lean meat, so probably these kids are getting a lot less grain and such, but there's still a CW slant. Most of them were drinking lots of soda and having tons of sugar and wheat based foods, so it's got to be some improvement.

                              I saw one recently where there was a girl who just wasn't losing. She was cheating on the diet (generally with carby foods). She was hitting those workouts hard, but the cheats totally stalled her weight loss. She even gained some weeks. She was eating the meals planned out for her, but she was still ravenous. Not surprising considering her work out regimen. Since her family was still eating junk, there were plenty of her old comfort foods to turn to. About halfway through, she dedicated herself to the diet as well and still managed to lose a good amount of weight. Yet still the main thrust of the show was the workouts even though it was obvious that the return on investment for them was pretty small. Of course, filming someone in their kitchen eating their healthy meals just doesn't have the drama.

                              I think it does people a disservice. It seems so many people think that grueling exercise is the key to fat loss. They look at a show like this and think, "If only I had a trainer four hours a day, I'd be thin." If you think that's what it takes, then you're done before you even start.