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  • Dehydration Issues

    Hi, I'm new to the Primal living and am trying to get into it slowly. Last week I managed to eat the whole week (cheat day aside) as Primal. Two days I ate below 20 grams of carbs and the rest I ate between 50-100.

    My problem seems to be that I cannot retain water. Yesterday I drank 6-8 glasses from a 16 ounce glass. My urine is basically clear; however, I still feel thirsty.

    It's cutting into my energy for my workout, and I was wanting to know if you guys had any advice?

    So far I have maybe pedialyte?

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    This is normal for the first couple of weeks for many of us as our metabolism balances and we drop the initial water weight from carbs. If you are concerned, drink some coconut water and add some sea salt to your food.
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      Yeah, you're gonna just be really thirsty. Drink up.

      The water is not making you weak. It's the fact that you're new to Primal. Everyone is weak and just feeling "off" in the beginning. It will soon pass.
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        If it helps think of it as the body wanting to flush out all the rubbish that has built up over the years. As Mark says, drink according to thirst, if you are thirsty drink. An electrolyte mix in the water would help keep the balance if you are concerned at over-hydration and salt depletion.
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          I took a day off for my concern; I'm trying to get the idea of what I can eat to replace my old conveniences.. pretty soon I'll post a daily diary and hopefully I won't have any problems.

          Thanks for all of your replies about it being normal; I was beginning to worry about my kidney functioning.