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  • Season Affective Disorder

    The other SAD. Anyone else seeing a big difference this winter? Usually by February I'd be a miserable, weeping mess. This year, not so much. I'm more sleepy, a little lazy, but surprisingly not at all depressed. I think I'd attribute this more to the Vit D than the diet, but I can't be sure. I'm taking 5000iu D3/day. I remember as a kid growing up in the northern Rockies, how much I craved the sun. We used to take a break from skiiing and sit in the middle of the slope in the snow just to soak up some rays. Maybe at that altitude we actually caught some D from it. But in recent years in NYC I've been wiped out in Jan/Feb/March. Only when the spring rolled around would I emerge from the black cloud.

    Anyone else? How do you feel?

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    It could be Vitamin D or increased Omega-3 consumption. I live in Los Angeles, so I can't really speak to the SAD thing...but I know that when I was in high school and a vegetarian living in Massachusetts, it used to hit me tremendously. But I think I was getting plenty of Vitamin D in the summer that my body stored for winter, so I think the Omega-3 thing could be very important.
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      I can't say I've been that conscientious about the Omega-3. Sometimes I remember, most times not. I'm religious about the D3.


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        It's D that makes a difference for me. And yes, I'm the same - still want to sleep a lot, still not concentrating brilliantly, but not depressed and actually capable of work and thought. I used to feel the mood going down in about October, and it stayed that way until spring.


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          Absolutely feel a million times better than I normally would in this time of year. I do still hate the gray days and the cold, but internally I'm in a much better balance.

          One thing that's helped me is that I prefer to get vitamin D (now that I'm so aware of how much it benefits me!) the natural way. So living primal encourages me to get outdoors even when I don't necessarily "feel" like it, which also contributes to more "moving slowly often", so overall the whole package reinforces itself.

          A+ for the primal winter benefits.
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            Ditto for me here in St. Louis. We have had a lot of snowy or overcast days, and I'm still not suffering the blues like I normally do this time of year.


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              Definitely less affected than in the past. I attribute it to my vitamin D supplementation although there could be other factors. Regardless of the reason, it is a welcome change.
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                If pharmaceutical companies could sell Vit D at $300/month, this would be the new miracle cure for SAD and everyone would hear about it. It's amazing that such a simple solution gives such incredible results.