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Hormone replacement discussion- for a 36 yr old woman

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  • Hormone replacement discussion- for a 36 yr old woman


    I am still struggling with going totally primal- but that's another discussion.

    I'm preparing to have to have surgery- this will be a final blow to my reproductive system. I had a hysterectomy at 22, and lost my left ovary at that time. Since then, I've had issues with my remaining ovary which has lead to endometriomas that have ruptured (internal bleeding), and am now looking at removing my last ovary (was left in for "hormonal purposes") since it seems to be malfunctioning more than not.

    Has anyone here had all their junk removed at a young age and had to take hormones? Can you share with me your experiences, the drawbacks, etc?

    I'm a bit scared... I need some guidance. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    I had a hysterectomy at about 30 but both ovaries were left in. So I can't really offer much wisdom on the hormone replacement issue. All I can say is that I know that abdominal surgery sucks and that my thought are with you there. Intuitively, it seems like when your body has something inside that is "broken" and really needs to come out, that a lot of things sort themselves out pretty easily once that is done. From your body's POV that malfunctioning ovary is like an invasive foreign object. Once it's out, then the body can focus its energy better.

    Hang in there Kiddo (I'm 48, I get to call you that).



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      i would say that, like paleobird writes, things will sort themselves out.

      personally, i would wait a bit (perhaps 6 months or a year) and closely monitor how i feel, what is going on with my hormones, and so on, before going forward with HRT. there may also be things that you can do naturally -- diet/herb wise (though herbs are much like drugs), to help facilitate the process without HRT.

      and in the end, if HRT is right for you, then don't hesitate to utilize it.


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        I am 30, and have NOT had a hysterectomy, but DO have a malfunctioning pituitary gland (thanks to a few too many concussions over the years!).

        Without exogenous hormones, I have the hormone profile of an 85 year old women. So, I take BioEst and Testosterone 25 days a month, and progesterone 14 days a month, DHEA every day. Bioidentical, not synthetic, and not PMU derived. Huge difference there...apples and oranges, really.

        Makes all the difference in the world. Fat loss is easier (as an example, I've been primal about 80% of the time since I joined MDA, in what, July? Never lost more than five pounds. Now, in my first month on HRT, I've lost 11.5 pounds of fat. (And that 'month' started 1/21/11). Dysthymia has lifted, sleep improved, and energy is up.

        So. For those who need it, it can be a lifesaver. Doing it properly, however, isn't a one-size-fits-all gig like most docs would have you believe. And just as you'd never use margerine instead of butter, don't accept anything less than BioIdentical hormones.
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          Thanks for the input.

          I had a very disturbing conversation with a different surgeon the other day in which she could not make any medical sense to me as to why I'd go through horrible menopausal issues after taking that last horrid ovary out and putting me on HRT... what she was describing sounded to me like what would happen if I didn't do HRT.

          She managed to talk me into taking a Lupron shot- which puts me into menopause and am on hormone replacement for three months. Now, the first time I had the shot was only enough dose for one month- no big issues. This time, it was a three month course and I suffer a horrendous reaction and went into shock.

          Aside from that, she couldn't explain to me how going into menopause and using HRT on a shot was any different than doing it with surgery other than it was "less invasive"...

          I think I have to call a conference call between the two surgeons I've spoken with, and myself and hash this out because it was totally illogical. That and the reaction I got from the dr's office about what I experienced after the shot was frightening, "Oh, wow. That sounds terrible. Yeah, it sounds like you had a reaction and went into shock. That's crummy. Well, let's hope it doesn't happen again next time."

          ummmmm.... WHAT??!!