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Finally finding what works, and it's easier than I ever imagined.

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  • Finally finding what works, and it's easier than I ever imagined.

    So for the last year I've been reading, learning, experimenting and exhausting myself with trying to find what is right and what will work for me. The primal style seemed to fit with what I was looking for, and that is when my entire look on "fitness" changed. Here are a few pieces of literature I have read during the last year to bring me to where I am now.

    1.) Primal Blueprint (obviously)
    2.) Primal Blueprint Fitness (obviously)
    3.) Eat Stop Eat
    4.) The Warrior Diet
    5.) The Fast-5 Diet
    6.) Enter the Kettlebell! (both book and DVD)
    7.) The Naked Warrior (both book and DVD)

    Along with numerous articles from, and I started really getting my mind reshaped and refocused. Believe it or not the real weight/fat loss that I have experienced didn't come within the first few months, or the first 6, or even the first 9, but the last 3 months of my 1 year deployment I finally found it, and have dropped 20lbs with ease. This 20lbs was completely comprised of fat, I've lost zero muscle, zero strength and zero endurance. Here's what I do (which might help all you others that have an issue with fat like me).

    1.) Eat Primally (obviously)
    2.) Practice a blend of both the Fast-5 and Warrior Diet with my frequency of eating.
    3.) Train with Kettlebells...ladies and gentlemen I've done it all, Kettlebells offers everything you could ever hope for in a training plan, and most of my sessions last no longer than 30 minutes (sometimes 10 minutes!). I train 4 days a week...2 days that are medium to hard, 1 easy day, and one variety day...and I run once a week for 20 minutes...

    I want to share this with everyone, only because in 1 week I effortlessly dropped 4lbs of fat! I can feel my waistline getting smaller daily, and my energy levels are the same if not higher, no loss in strength, no fatigue. I challenge anyone to give this a try...

    Thanks to you Mark for getting the ball rolling!!! Thanks to Pavel (which I know he probably won't read this) who got me addicted to Kettlebells!!! and Thanks to all of the authors who stood up to CW and said BULLSHIT, And dared to start a revolution, and elite revolution filled with elite mindsets. We dare to be better and better we will become!

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    K-bells rock.